Ali Lamaa



Ali Lamaa

Operations Manager

Current Location

Paris, France

Ali is available for work

Profile Adaptable integrator of diverse teams and interconnected workstreams, proven worldwide leader of complex operations and projects, trainer and builder of top-performing organizations with 10 years of experience within the Lebanese Special Forces and Voi technology

  • Brands Ali has worked with
    • Voi Technology -Micro Mobility
    • Lebanese Armed Forces
    • Second
  • Ali's past titles
    • Operations Analyst
    • First Lieutenant
    • Lieutenant
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Operations Analyst

Voi Technology -Micro Mobility

Jul 2022 - Present

- Manage all 3PLs for optimal performance
-Install effective Standard Operating Procedures for all logistics processes
-Administering stock control and ensuring compliance with health and safety leg...

First Lieutenant First Lieutenant- Operations manager

Lebanese Armed Forces

Jul 2016 - May 2021

•Led a company consisting of more than 120 soldiers with Military equipment worth $35 million, Supervised, Coached, and sponsored more than 300 soldiers during the Special forces courses , a team of...

Lieutenant- Project manager


Oct 2011 - Sep 2017

Updated and organized the command security program

•managed and implemented a shooting range project Strengthened team engagement and ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts analyzed the intel...

  • Time Management


  • Tableau


  • Google Sheets


  • Project Management


  • Stakeholder Management


  • Inventory Control


  • Negotiation


  • Relationship Building







Work Proficiency



Not specified.

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