Harsh Seth



Harsh Seth

Business Development Consultant

Current Location

Lancaster, UK

Harsh is available for work

Harsh Seth is an accomplished professional driven by a passion for strategy, management, and business consulting. With a track record of delivering exceptional results in data analysis, project management, and revenue growth, Harsh is actively seeking new opportunities to apply their expertise in the consulting industry.

Armed with a Master's in Business Administration from Lancaster University Management School, Harsh possesses a solid educational foundation that underpins their career achievements. Their unwavering interest in consulting fuels their drive to excel in product management, digital strategy, and stakeholder engagement.

Harsh's work experience speaks volumes about their ability to drive impactful outcomes. At TG Consulting, they played a pivotal role in suggesting remarkable market share growth, which helped the client significantly boost customer retention through their data-driven insights. Their tenure at EDU-GORILLA COMMUNITY further underscores their expertise, where they demonstrated a talent for converting potential clients into revenue-generating customers, optimising operations, and fostering substantial sales growth.

What sets Harsh apart in the consulting realm is its unique skill set. They possess a versatile toolkit for success in consulting engagements, from data analysis and project management to market research and problem-solving. Their mastery of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Power BI further enhances their ability to deliver impactful solutions.

Beyond their professional pursuits, Harsh's diverse interests, including aviation, photography, and a keen eye for emerging business trends, exemplify their insatiable thirst for personal and intellectual growth. This well-rounded nature allows them to bring a unique perspective and innovative ideas to their consulting endeavours.

Harsh Seth is a highly motivated professional with strong strategic, management, and business consulting acumen. Backed by their impressive academic background and proven expertise in data analysis, project management, and revenue growth, Harsh is poised to impact the consulting landscape significantly. Their multifaceted skill set and relentless drive for continuous improvement make Harsh an outstanding candidate for any consulting role.

  • Brands Harsh has worked with
    • TG Consulting
    • Caregiving
    • EduGorillaCommunityPvt.Ltd
    • Indigo airlines
    • Air India
  • Harsh's past titles
    • Business Consultant
    • Career Break
    • Business Development Associate
    • Officer Pilots Training – Flight Operations
    • Product Marketing Intern
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Business Consultant

TG Consulting

Apr 2023 - May 2023

• Contributed to 12% market share growth and a 30% increase in customer retention strategy by data-backed insights for success.
• Increased Market knowledge by 40% by identifying three growth opportu...

Career Break


Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

• Owing to specific family commitments and emergencies, I had to take some time off from work to care for the situation and provide undivided attention to my loved ones.

Business Development Associate


Mar 2020 - Dec 2021

• Achieved revenue growth by converting 50 potential clients into revenue-generating customers through 250 sales pitches.
• Exceeded industry standards by elevating overall sales by 8%, conducting ma...

Officer Pilots Training – Flight Operations

Indigo airlines

Jul 2018 - Mar 2020

• Accomplished a 25% improvement in pilot license renewal turnaround time, increasing operational efficiency by 30-40%
• Achieved a remarkable increase of 3x in the number of pilot licenses issued an...

Sales & Marketing Intern

Air India

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

• Researched new flying routes to Boston and Dallas to boost market share and revenue through long-haul flights.
• Utilized survey insights to develop targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in a 5% ...

  • Strategic planning, business analysis, market research,


  • data analysis, project management, change management


  • process improvement, risk management, performance management


  • stakeholder management, business modeling, market entry strategy


  • competitive analysis, revenue optimization, cost reduction,


  • organizational design, business transformation, operations management


  • supply chain management, marketing strategy, customer segmentation


  • brand positioning, product development, pricing strategy






Lancaster University Management School

Master of Business Administration

2022 to 2023

University of Lucknow

Bachelor of Business Administration

2015 to 2018

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