Urvil Shah

Business analyst
Previous Brands
The SocialGram
The Souled Store
Work Experience
Business Analyst
Jan ‘21 - Dec ‘21

• Managed the website chatbot by solving all the customer queries and interacted with clients over the phone • As a sales representative, onboarded 6 brands on the platform within a week by pitching and getting feedback • Helped build a Wordpress-powered e-com website, managed brand onboarding and all communications with them • As a startup, did everything from HR to Operations to Sales to Customer Executive to Business Development to Tech

Data & Influencer Lead
Jun ‘20 - Jan ‘21
The SocialGram

• Built, maintained, and compiled a confidential database of more than 15000 influencers using advanced Excel; hired and led a team of 5 interns to develop the database which got a combined reach of over 64Mn • Oversaw drafting and preparation of all brand proposals and handled all cliental communications • Onboarded 10K influencers at Zero Cost by leveraging email marketing; Email Open rate: 75%, conversion rate: 45%

Business Development
Jun ‘19 - Jul ‘19
The Souled Store

• Elevated operational efficiency by meticulously managing monthly sales reports with Excel proficiency. • Played a pivotal role in retail event management, showcasing versatility in handling official merchandise; Skillfully assisted with inventory control, stall setup, and client interaction, guaranteeing a smooth shopping experience. • Managed and authorized college sponsorships, oversaw the execution of customized orders, resolved customer issues, and improved the business development with retail expertise combined with admin skills.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Department store
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Online orders fulfilment
Stockroom management
Stock control
Inventory control
Store Maintenance
Yash Sakhlecha
Direct manager - Co-founder & CEO, Wyld
Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

As the co-founder and CEO of WYLD and The Socialgram, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation in favor of Mr. Urvil Shah, whom I have known for over two years. WYLD is India’s 1st Social Currency Card, and The Socialgram is an influencer marketing firm, backed by marquee VCs and investors, that provides data solutions to connect brands and influencers and enable meaningful collaborations between them. I have recruited and worked with a lot of people over the years, but Urvil has always stood out for me. He joined us early on and has been extremely instrumental in our entire journey. During his time with us, his performance has been exemplary, and his desire to learn and succeed is evident in his focused attitude. Hence, I strongly vouch for his candidature and work-ethic. Right from the outset, he came across as a motivated and hardworking individual. He was quick to understand his roles and responsibilities, which mainly involved strategizing brand campaigns, handling all cliental communications, preparing brand proposals, building a database, and conducting research. During our initial days, the size of our staff necessitated that Urvil take on responsibilities in every area, from marketing to sales to hiring to operations to tech, and he always rose to the occasion. One of the key tasks he was responsible for handling was managing user onboarding and growth for our company. He onboarded nearly 10,000 users on our platform in a very short period of time without any marketing spends and solely through email marketing, which was phenomenal. His deep hunger to learn was evinced by his versatile nature, as he took ownership of tasks across all segments and always accepted new responsibilities with great alacrity. As he carried out his tasks, I observed that along with his critical thinking, he is endowed with good research potential. Given his industriousness, he received consecutive raises, was promoted to Data and Influencer Lead during his tenure, and proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. Urvil demonstrated conviction and vision when he, as the Data and Influencer Lead, unflinchingly took the initiative to build the Influencer Master List, which aimed to build a database of influencers. With his holistic approach towards the project, he was solely responsible for building, compiling, and managing a database of more than 15000 influencers in Excel using advanced formulas and techniques. His management and leadership abilities shone through when he hired and led a team of 5 interns to scrape and compile the required data, as well as apply data cleaning techniques to ensure data hygiene and usability. For security reasons, he even built an intricate structure that provided restricted access to other employees in the office. Working with such massive volumes of data is when he discovered his passion for data. He showcased excellent time management skills throughout the project, finishing the work well before the deadline and dealing with challenges assiduously. This database was incredibly useful and much appreciated as it helped generate revenue of $150K USD for the company. Despite his young age, he exhibited impeccable ownership and leadership, that towards the end, we had him manage people more senior to him in age and designation, that is how important he had become to the company. To summarize, Urvil is a motivated individual with a strong potential for growth. I can vouch for his competency, discipline, and work ethic. I am convinced that his work experience has enhanced his repertoire of skills and sharpened his technical acuity, which will help him immensely in any work role and environment. Hence, with the confidence that he will be a valuable addition to your team/community, I strongly recommend him for the mentioned position and wish him all the luck in his future endeavors.

Education & Training
Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) City, University of London
Unknown - ‘24
Master of Science in Business Analytics
D. J. Sanghvi College Of Engineering, University of Mumbai
Unknown - ‘23
Bachelor of Technology