Provat Haque



Provat Haque

Engineering Student from Queen Mary University of London

Work Location

London, UK

A Mechanical Engineering Student from Queen Mary University of London looking to utilise my problem-solving and critical thinking in the real world.

    • Morpeth 6th Form
    • Boots UK
    • Badiani London

    Education Mentor

    Morpeth 6th Form

    Sep 2022 - Jul 2023

    Sales Floor Team Member

    Badiani Limited

    Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

    Retail Assistant

    Boots UK

    May 2019 - May 2019

    I had a week of work experience during Year 10, at Bow School.

    Retail Experience
    • Greeting
    • Client Help
    • Client Advising
    • Transactions
    • Cash register
    • Delivery processing
    • Product setup
    • Stock control
    • Store Maintenance
    • Order preparation
    Retail Category
    • Other
    • Premium
    • High street
    Work Environment
    • Shopping centre
    Product Category
    • Other



    Queen Mary University of London

    Bachelor's degree

    2022 to 2025

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