Alhaji Fornah

Personal Development

With a strong background in customer service across various retail settings, I specialise in creating exemplary shopping experiences, skilled in client advising, packaging, and product setup. Fluent in the beauty and high street sectors, I am passionate about enhancing every customer's visit.

Previous Brands
N5 Security
Absolute Print
Domino's Pizza
Just Eat Takeaway
Work Experience
Jan ‘22 - Jan ‘22
N5 Security

As a Stewards Security team member with N5 Security, my role was to provide a safe and inclusive environment for participants and attendees at a Pride event. I was responsible for ensuring the security and smooth operation of the event while also contributing to its celebratory and welcoming atmosphere. Key Responsibilities: Crowd Control: Managed and monitored the crowd to prevent and address any disturbances or incidents, maintaining a balance between security and the event's celebratory spirit. Conflict Resolution: Effectively resolved conflicts or disputes among attendees, maintaining a calm and respectful demeanour while de-escalating tense situations. Emergency Response: Acted as a first responder in case of emergencies, promptly coordinating with medical personnel or law enforcement if necessary and assisting attendees in evacuation procedures. Customer Service: Provided a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for attendees, answering their questions, and assisting them in finding event locations or services. Communication: Maintained open communication with fellow security team members and event organisers to report incidents, concerns, or changes in the security situation. Evacuation Procedures: Familiarised I with event evacuation plans and procedures, ensuring that attendees were informed and guided in the event of an evacuation. Patrol and Surveillance: Conducted regular patrols of the event area to identify and address any security risks or safety hazards.

food delivery
Jan ‘19 - Jan ‘22
Domino's Pizza Delivery

timely and accurate delivery of food orders to customers. this role involved more than just driving; it encompassed various customer service aspects to guarantee a positive experience for patrons. Key Responsibilities: Order Accuracy: Carefully checked and verified food orders to ensure they were complete, accurate, and properly packaged for delivery. Timely delivery: Eficiently navigated routed and trafic to deliver orders within the specified timeframe, adhering to the company's delivery guidelines. Customer interaction: Maintained a courteous and professional demeanour when interacting with customers during the delivery process, addressing their questions or concerns with politeness and patience. Safety: Prioritised safety by adhering to trafic laws and company safety protocols while operating the delivery E-bike. This includes regular vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. Problem-Resolution: Efectively handled any issues or discrepancies that arose during deliveries, such as incorrect orders or delivery delays, by promptly notifying the restaurant and providing solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. Cash Handling (if applicable): Managed cash transactions accurately and securely, ensuring the correct change was provided and following cash-handling procedures if collecting payments. Navigation and GPS: Utilised navigation tools and GPS systems to eficiently plan routes and locate delivery addresses, minimising delays and ensuring on-time deliveries. Communication: Maintained open communication with restaurant staf and management to relay customer feedback, address and challenges, and coordinate orders efectively. Hygiene and Food Safety: Ensured that food items were transported and delivered under safe and hygienic conditions, following the food safety regulations.

Sales Assistant
Jan ‘18 - Jan ‘18
Absol ute Pri nt

• Welcoming customers into the store, serving and advising customers. • Helping customers to find the goods they want. • Stacking shelves and displaying goods in an atractive way • Arranging window displays

Retail Assistant
Jan ‘13 - Jan ‘13

• Restocking shelves and making sure merchandise is presented neatly. • Greeting customers. • Answering enquiries about products. • Showing customers, the diferent options and demonstrating product benefits. • Checking whether items are in stock. • Wrapping items and removing security tags. • Keeping the store clean and tidy.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
High street store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Complaint handling
Client Help
Client Advising
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Product setup
Delivery processing
Health & safety
Store Maintenance
Senior colleague - Security, N5 Security
Jan 2022 - Jan 2022

During our time working together at N5 Security, Alhaji consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to ensuring the safety of others and providing accurate information. His performance was commendable, especially considering it was his first time in the role. I have full confidence in his ability to excel in any position he pursues, and I highly recommend him for the opportunity he's applied for.

Education & Training
Arden University
‘22 - ‘26
Computing and IT
Bsix Form College
‘15 - ‘18
BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Media & IT