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Jay Anderson

#Fashion #Operations focused on innovation. #Sustainability leader, speaker, writer #projectmanagement #NFL

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London, UK

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A Project Manager with a passion for innovation. I am a #Generalist and have worked across #ecommerce, #retail, #manufacturing, #licensedbrands, #production, #marketing, #styling and even work as a #fashion model. Fashion for me has allowed me to explore interests from sports to technology and my desire is to continue to forge relationships that continue to nurture my passion while helping brands accelerate their growth.

  • Brands Jay has worked with
    • One Jeanswear Group
  • Jay's past titles
    • Director of Market Strategy
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Open to relocation

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Open to Full time or Part time work

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Director of Strategy

One Jeanswear Group

May 2021 - Present

This is for my current role at Greenwith Studios www.greenwithstudios.com
Lead a client-facing teams in the design, management, and reporting of organizational sustainability programs for luxury bran...

  • License Management


  • Sustainability Consulting


  • Business Operations


  • Product Design Support


  • Project Management


  • Design Analysis


  • Brand Development Strategy


  • Retail Operations




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