Quang Nguyen-Ngoc

CFO/Family office advisor/commercial real estate expert/Eastern Europe/South East Asia

I am passionate about international corporate finance, controlling and multi-cultural management. I am a CFO, Family officer, and senior consultant with : . 12 year experience in Corporate banking with CACIB : Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking (Western-Eastern Europe), . 10 year experience as Finance or Audit Director with Groupe CASINO (Western Europe-South East Asia), . 7 year experience as Commercial Real Estate expert for growing markets (LATAM, Eastern Central Europe and China) with CARREFOUR. . versatile profile with a strong track record of achievements and a multi cultural background, Special skills : Multi cultural executive having working experience in France, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Thailand. Able to communicate in several languages : French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Czech...

Previous Brands
Groupe Casino
KOT Advisory
Marine Nationale
Work Experience
Founder and chairman
Jan ‘19 -
KOT Advisory

Founded by Mr Quang NGUYEN, a seasoned international top executive, KOT Advisory is a consulting company aiming at designing solutions for either large corporates or family offices which request financial agility through among others a fine monitoring of their real estate portfolio or their international human ressources Among others KOT Advisory has completed missions on behalf of CBRE Retail (French Office), MOBILIS/AFM ( MULLIEZ family office)... Moreover, KOT Advisory can provide with a very crucial soft skill for international corporates growing in a global environment as its founder has managed international teams in Paris, Prague, The Hague and Bangkok. KOT Advisory can also provide with high calibre executives in the frame of short term assignements (CFO, COO...)

Director Group Real Estate Financial Control
Jan ‘11 - Jan ‘18

For CRF countries in LATAM, Eastern Central Europe (ECE) and Asia as well, in charge of : monitoring real estate action plans structuring real estate projects (Management Information Consulting and Corporate Finance) and, supervising local financial and real estate teams. Worlwide, responsible for the real estate governance as well as for the real estate database.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Big C Thailand
Jan ‘04 - Jan ‘10
Groupe Casino

• Corporate finance : real estate spin off, strategic partnership in order to cope with Thai foreign business act. • Investment analysis for the Asean : Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia.

Head of Internal Audit / Laurus Netherlands
Jan ‘02 - Jan ‘04
Groupe Casino

Deputy Senior Banker sectors : aerospace, electrical appliances, power and supply chain
Jan ‘00 - Jan ‘01

Deputy Managing Director Eastern Europe
Jan ‘99 - Jan ‘00

Supervising the marketing policy of the corporate banking network in ECE : Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

Regional Head of Risk Management/Central Europe
Jan ‘96 - Jan ‘99

Setting up a regional credit risk analysis covering Czech Republic and Slovak Republic as well.

Head of Corporate Banking / Czech Republic
Jan ‘95 - Jan ‘96

Credit Analyst -North America Corporates
Jan ‘93 - Jan ‘95

Corporate Banking Account Manager
Jan ‘89 - Jan ‘93

MIS consultant
Jan ‘89 - Jan ‘89

Jan ‘87 - Jan ‘88
Marine Nationale

Education & Training
Centre d'Instruction Naval (Reserve Naval academy)
‘87 - ‘87
HEC Paris
‘83 - ‘86
MSc. Business Management
Lycée Sainte-Geneviève
‘81 - ‘83
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Economics
Paris, France