Lily Spence

Mail Sorter at Royal Mail

Experienced in retail with roles at McDonald's, Marks & Spencer, and Pashia. Proficient in tills, stock replenishment, and customer service. Adaptable to fast-paced environments and reliable for temporary retail positions.

Previous Brands
MC Donald's
St Georges R.C. School
Queen Elizabeth II jubilee school
Royal Mail
Prospero Teaching
Isleworth & Syon School for boys
Marks and Spencer
First Call
Sung Fung Food Products Ltd
Work Experience
Crew Member (Runner)
Nov ‘23 - Feb ‘24
MC Donald's

Coordinating drive-thru deliveries and serving customers. Mc Donald's, London (Nov 2023 - Feb 2024) Crew Member (Runner) Responsibilities • Greeting customers; • Batch cooking hash browns and fries; • Using the Mc Café machine; • Helping to fulfil customer orders in the Mc Kitchen; • Ensuring quick drive-thru service times e.g, ensuring monitor numbers stay around 126 or lower; • Ensuring condiment holders are replenished when stocks become low; • Ensuring drive-thru and kiosk work stations are tidy; • Serving customers at kiosk/restaurant table/drive-thru/parking bay. Achievements • Adapting to the fast pace of a fast food restaurant and offering great customer service. Agency Worker Work at various schools across London on call.

Supply Teacher
Sep ‘23 - Nov ‘23
Prospero Teaching

Claremont High School (4.09.23 - 27.11.23), (3.03.24 - Current) Supply Teacher Maths Responsibilities • Taught a Yr 7 Maths class on Fractions & Decimals. • Taught a Yr 10 Maths class on Ratios. Achievements • Successfully taught Maths lessons e.g, most of the students understood the topic taught and were able to work independently as a result. History Responsibilities • Supervised a Yr 10 self-guided revision session. Achievements • Successfully supervised a Yr 10 self-guided revision session.

Administration Assistant
Jul ‘23 - Jul ‘23
Isleworth & Syon School for boys

Responsibilities • Setting up the reception computer system for the beginning of the workday; • Welcoming visitors; • Assisting visitors to sign-in on the computer system; • Making outbound calls; • Receiving and transferring inbound calls; • Note-taking during inbound and outbound calls; • Writing correspondence emails to external parties; • Operating SIMS e.g, using SIMS to search for students' data; • Using the integrated intercom system to open the school gate to both students and visitors; • Authorised parcel deliveries; • Making note of outstanding work that needs to be completed for the following workday; • Closing down the reception computer system for the end of the workday; • Tidying the reception desk. Achievements • Pleased with my overall work performance e.g, displaying excellent hospitality skills; demonstrating good communication skills both written and verbal; working to schedule; keeping my workstation tidy throughout the workday, etc.

Jun ‘22 - Jun ‘22
St Georges R.C. School

Invigilated Yrs 11 & 13 final exams. Responsibilities • Read daily exam timetable. • Set up exam desks e.g, laying down exam papers. • Monitored toilet breaks. • Invigilated mock GCSE & A Level exams. • Collected completed exam papers and handed them to the exams office. • Tidied exam hall. Achievements • Successfully invigilated mock GCSE & A Level exams.

Apr ‘21 - Jul ‘21
Queen Elizabeth II jubilee school

children aged between 10 - 14 years who had profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). Responsibilities • Assisting non-wheelchair/wheelchair pupils on and off the school bus. • Behavioural management. • Following school safeguarding policies. • Carrying out music and massage therapy. • Writing individual student reports post therapy sessions. • Assisted pupils with their eating during snack and lunch time. • Assisted pupils with mobility disabilities with standing and walking e.g, placing a pupil on a standing frame or encouraging a pupil to use walking frame independently. • Toileting. • Attending online morning/after school staff meetings/training. • Carrying out mandatory professional training online. Achievements • Successfully supervised pupils. • Built pupil's self-esteem through compliments and positive reinforcement e.g, high fiving the pupil everytime a completed a task correctly. • Successfully completed student therapy reports. • Completed 60s themed wall art. • Passed Edge Services theoretical people handling e-course.

Seasonal Temp
Dec ‘19 - Dec ‘19
Marks and Spencer

Seasonal Temp Served on tills and ensured Food department was fully stocked. Responsibilities • Operating tills. • Replenishing and facing stock in Food department. Achievements • Served approx. 150 - 200 customers per day. • Successfully arranged and replenished store/branded products in Food Department.

Agency Worker
Aug ‘18 - Aug ‘18
First Call

Mainly ensured the smooth operation of product lines in the factory.

Agency Temp
Aug ‘18 - Aug ‘18
Sung Fung Food Products Ltd

Packaged ready meals and dips for top supermarkets. Responsibilities • Worked at various depots/manufacturing companies. Achievements • Often met/exceeded product line target of collectively packaging 10,000+ ready meals and dips to retailers such as M&S, Sainsbury's & Waitrose. • Inserted approx. 2,000+ posters in addressed envelopes. • Packaged approx. 5,000+ flavoured rice desserts per day.

Seasonal Temp Mail Sorter/Postwoman
Dec ‘17 - Jan ‘18
Royal Mail

Worked as a temp during the Christmas period to meet the holiday demand. • Sorting and delivering mail. Achievements • Meeting daily sorting targets. • Delivering mail to the correct addresses on postal rounds.

Seasonal Temp Mail Sorter
Dec ‘16 - Dec ‘16
Royal Mail

Worked as a temp during the Christmas period to meet the holiday demand. Responsibilities • Sorting mail. Achievements • Meeting daily sorting targets.

Section Waitress
May ‘16 - Feb ‘17

Worked front of house/served customers at a popular restaurant. • Serving customers. • Working front of house i.e, taking calls and booking reservations, etc. Achievements • Served 300 customers a day whilst on duty.

Customer Service Colleague
Oct ‘13 - Apr ‘16

Worked in various departments across the supermarket. Responsibilities • Worked as a Cook/Fishmonger/Counters Assistant across three different counters: Fish, Rotisserie and Pizza. • Gained significant experience in food preparation and cooking across the three counters e.g, cooking/heating food, filleting fish, making pizzas, and carrying out additional prep work. • Ensuring hygiene and food safety standards were met i.e, avoiding cross contamination. • Also worked as a Checkout Operator. • Dealt with customer issues at till point and around the store.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High-end luxury
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Flagship store
Travel retail
High street store
Product Category
Product demos
Complaint handling
Online orders fulfilment
Cash register
Product setup
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Returns & Exchanges
English - Native
Education & Training
Alperton Community School
‘06 - ‘08
A Levels
10 GCSEs
Kingston University
Bachelor of Arts