Cindya Angel


Hourly Consulting

Cindya Angel

Luxury sales and Marketing consultant. Digital Marketing

Current Location

Manchester, UK

Cindya is available for hourly consulting only

Professional with transferable skills I have excellent understanding of sales and Marketing Promotion for luxury beauty brands.. brands I have worked with.. Versace…Tom Ford…Puig ..MFK…Moncler…Kylie Beauty …Lisa Eldridge …Gucci…Burberry…Coty …Marc Jacobs ..Maison Crivelli…Creed ..Jo Malone .

  • Brands Cindya has worked with
    • Blackjack Promotions
    • PT Academy
    • Alchemy Fitness PT, The Gym Group Manchester City
    • Face Temps Agency
    • Alchemy Fitness PT, The Gym Group
    • Beauty Consultants Bureau
  • Cindya's past titles
    • Sales Associate
    • Mentor
    • Physiotherapist
    • Fragrance Consultant
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Fragrance Consultant
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Employment Preference

    Luxury Sales Associate

    Blackjack Promotions

    Aug 2021 - Now

    Luxury brand associate sales consultant for brands , Chanel, Elemis etc In Airport Duty free .

    Mentor / Assessor

    PT Academy

    Jun 2018 - Now

    Mentoring and assessment of learners for Fitness instructor and Personal training qualifications.

    Sports Therapist

    Sports Therapist

    Alchemy Fitness PT, The Gym Group Manchester City

    Jan 2015 - Now

    Fragrance and Beauty Consultant

    Face Temps Agency

    Jan 2015 - Now

    12 years experience as a luxury retail consultant. Working with high end brands , such as Tom Ford , Creed , Gucci , Valentino , Viktor and Rolf , Chanel, Versace, Moschino, Puig, Dior , Kylie skin

    Personal Trainer

    Alchemy Fitness PT, The Gym Group

    Jan 2013 - Now

    • Fragrance


    • Branding Consultancy


    • Perfume


    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer


    • Mentoring


    • Candles


    • Sales Consulting



    Readynez 365

    Master of Science in Cyber Security

    2022 to 2023


    Marketing Associate

    2022 to 2023

    Manchester International College of Beauty

    Master of Education

    2018 to 2019

    The American School of symptometry


    to 2018

    The Manchester College

    CYQ in Personal Trainer

    2012 to 2013

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