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Beverley Glanville

Executive Creative Director | Strategy-led Branding & Design 22+yrs | Bringing lifestyle brands to life

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Cape Town, South Africa

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An award-winning creative director and visual identity designer with 25+ years of strategy-led branding & design experience. Across lifestyle sectors as diverse as tech start-ups and luxury travel she has managed to elevate brands to their highest potential by creating expressive and authentic visual identities. Graduating with honours at AAA School of Advertising in 1995 she went on to hold leadership positions at multiple global agencies such as Interbrand, Superunion and FCB before becoming an independent creative professional in 2008.

This all contributed to her formidable skills in every aspect of brand communication which she now uses as co-founder at Bev and Nic. They use their large agency talent, expertise and contacts to deliver exceptional results for their lifestyle brand clients, all with all the agility and great relationships you expect from a small agency. Their clients truly enjoy the best of both worlds.

Her extensive multi-disciplinary experience has given rise to first hand knowledge in extraordinarily diverse and valuable business and design skills – from illustration, e-commerce and textile design to retail supply chains, multi-channel sales & marketing as well as digital marketing projects such as UX/UI, product and app development and video content creation.

Her work has been published in both local and international design annuals. Awards won include the prestigious Loerie Grand Prix for her interactive Annual Report in 2001. She is a Graduate of Seth Godin's The Freelancers Workshop, GIBS / Goldman Sachs 10 000 Women Entrepreneurship program and a proud Branson Centre Entrepreneur.

"What makes Beverley remarkable is the level of generosity, consideration and dedication that she shows up with, along with the quality of her questions, feedback and insights."
Scott Perry – Founder at Creative on Purpose / Head Coach at Seth Godin's Akimbo Workshops.

  • Brands Beverley has worked with
    • Bev & Nic – Brand Strategy and Design
    • Designfield
    • Fandam Studio
    • Fcb Africa
    • Banini
    • HKLM Branding
    • Superunion
    • Draftfcb
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Executive Creative Director

Bev & Nic – Brand Strategy and Design

Sep 2020 - Present

I'm the co-founder of Bev&Nic, a strategy-led branding agency that brings lifestyle brands to life. Our past clients include &Beyond, Leisurecorp, Maia, Banini, Blockkoin & Discovery.

We operate at t...

Independent Creative Director


Jan 2007 - Present

Elevating brave and curious brands to their highest potential through strategic insight and unique, expressive visual language. Leadership positions at global agencies and over 12 years as an independ...

Creative Director

Fandam Studio

May 2018 - Mar 2020

Responsible for the redesign of the &Beyond visual language that relooked their layout style and typography usage to create an open and more luxurious context for their brand. Illustrations from field...

Creative Director

Fcb Africa

Feb 2017 - Dec 2017

Worked on a number of projects that re-established red as part of the Absa brand. The first of which was Absa Rewards with it's bold eye-catching outdoor advertising. The lighthearted 'Skaftin' TV ad,...

Partner & Creative Director


Jan 2009 - Nov 2016

Concept and design of all product lines including the brand's signature reversible dress made using Shweshwe and bold cotton prints. Sourcing, management and quality control of all goods and suppliers...

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