Jasmine Nlemadim


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Jasmine Nlemadim

I would say I am a team player with good organisational abilities,I am always positive and radiating good energy.

Current Location

Croydon, UK

As an undergraduate with employment and voluntary experience, I have skills and attributes to offer the job world including leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, team working and communication. I am keen to learn the ways of the company and to contribute positively to the organization and to be the best candidate for the role. With my transferrable skills of being in retail such as Primark and JD sports and even being Head girl of my school, I believe I can deliver the best service. All in all, I am a well-rounded with experience in customer service and great time management I have also had loads of experience in a variety of jobs. I strongly believe my good communication skills and my ability to work in a team thanks to my cheerleading experience and my team player ethos, will give me the right spirit and positive energy to put my all into my work.

  • Brands Jasmine has worked with
    • JD Sports
    • Primark

Sales assistant

JD Sports

Feb 2023 - Sep 2023

Assist in maintaining standards on the shop floor. Keep stock clean and presentable at all times. Replenish stock levels when needed, making sure the full size range is on the shop floor where possibl...

Retail Assistant


Jun 2022 - Sep 2022

Deliver exceptional service to our customers as well as maintain high standards on the shop floor. Interacting with customers, answering questions, and assisting them with purchases. Serving customers...

Retail Experience
  • Greeting & welcoming
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Styling
  • Upselling/Cross-selling
  • Managing cash register
  • Managing returns & exchanges
  • Processing transactions
  • Wrapping & packing
  • Pricing, tagging and labelling
  • Stockroom shelving & labelling
  • Store cleaning & tidying
Retail Category
  • High street
Work Environment
  • Shopping centre
  • High street store
Product Category
  • Menswear
  • Footwear
  • Womenswear
  • Accessories


University of Sussex



2022 to 2026

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