Simone Rainer



Simone Rainer

Designer in love with Bags and Accessories

Current Location

Milan, IT

Simone is available for work

I’m a designer specialize mainly in bags and leather goods, although in my experience of over 15 years I had the opportunity to work on different products such as slg, footwear and soft accessories, capable of coordinating different products for an optimal total look result.

My technical skills are strong so like my creativity, confirming my predisposition for clean beauty and functionality.

I'm confident to work in team, so also in a more independent way, I'm flexible and proactive.
I am so grateful to be able to deal with such exciting and unique work in being so closely in touch with the present and people, to be able to aspire to design a good and better future.

  • Brands Simone has worked with
    • Max Mara Fashion Group
    • DANIEL & BOB S.R.L.
    • Trussardi
    • Diesel
    • Jil Sander
    • SIMONE RAINER Studio
    • Missoni S.p.a.
    • IDEE PARTNERS - IDEE Consulting S.r.l.
    • Marc Jacobs
  • Simone's past titles
    • Accessories Designer
    • Creative Director
    • Accessories Designer
    • Accessories Designer
    • Accessories Designer
    • Accessories Designer
    • Creative Head
    • Accessories Designer
    • Design Director
    • Accessories Designer
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting

Accessories Designer - Consultant

Max Mara Fashion Group

Jun 2020 - May 2022

Bags at Max&Co.

Creative Director


Feb 2019 - Present

Men's Accessories

Head of Design bags and accessories


Sep 2017 - Sep 2019

Creative coordination of men’s and women’s bags/accessories/soft accessories collections Trussardi/TrussardiJeans

Accessories Designer - Consultant


Apr 2017 - May 2019

Men's and Women's Bags

Accessories Designer - Consultant


May 2013 - May 2014

Men's Bags and SLG

  • Design Studio


  • Accessory Design


  • Creative Agency


  • Creative Management


  • Materials Research


  • Design Drawings








Istituto di Moda Burgo

Diploma of Education

2004 to 2006

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