Mohammed Muhaymin

I am very eager to learn in any industry. I am seeking a position where my existing skills can be fully utilised

I am a passionate self-driven individual who is eager to learn and grow within any industry. During my studies and experience in the retail and hospitality sector, I have gained valuable attributes and experiences that can be directly applied to strive in any business and further develop my skills. I have learnt the importance of team work and being well organised. I am now seeking a suitable position within an environment where my existing skills can be fully utilised and new ones can be developed.

Previous Brands
Blackstone service
Footasylum (Stratford Westfield Xmas Temp)
Jamz Detailz LTD
Work Experience
Sales Associate
Sep ‘23 - Dec ‘23

As a dedicated Sales Associate at the esteemed Patisserie Counter in Harrods, I have consistently delivered exceptional customer service while representing the pinnacle of luxury in culinary experiences. My role revolves around engaging with discerning customers, providing expert guidance on product selection, and ensuring an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Key Responsibilities and Achievements: -Demonstrated extensive knowledge of the wide array of artisanal pastries and desserts offered, effectively communicating their unique qualities and origins to customers. -Actively engaged in upholding the highest standards of presentation and hygiene, contributing to the inviting ambiance of the Patisserie Counter. -Proficiently operated point-of-sale systems, handling transactions accurately and efficiently while ensuring seamless customer checkouts. -Collaborated closely with the culinary team to optimize product placement, resulting in a noticeable increase in sales of featured items. -Fostered strong relationships with repeat clientele through personalized service, leading to a consistent boost in customer satisfaction and loyalty. -Actively participated in training sessions to stay updated on new product launches, maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the evolving offerings. -Up-selling/cross-selling other items on the counter to maximise profit in sales By leveraging my deep appreciation for gastronomy and dedication to delivering unparalleled service, I have consistently contributed to the success of the Patisserie Counter, enhancing its reputation as a destination for exquisite pastries within Harrods.

sales assistant
Nov ‘22 - Jan ‘23

- Responsible for controlling stock merchandise, operating checkouts and working with team members effectively to complete daily duties as efficiently as possible - Maintaining a good speed with the cash register at the checkout during busy periods - Recognised as a highly adaptable all-rounder therefore occasionally placed with sole responsibility to manage an entire department - Highly fast paced role tackling multiple workloads, whilst maintaining high customer service standards - Achieved recognition from manager and customers for going the extra mile to ensure exceptional standards - Team working to ensure product deliveries are done on time

Vehicle Detailer
Jan ‘22 - Jul ‘22
Jamz Detailz LTD

• Valeting and detailing customer vehicles • Assisted co-worker with social media posts • Detailed on average about 10 cars a day which requires hard work, attention to detail and dedication

Catering staff
Nov ‘21 - Aug ‘22
Blackstone service

• Learnt the ability to work severely under pressure whilst maintaining exceptional service standards • Communicated effectively with customers, kitchen staff, and management • Grasped the ability to listen actively, ask clarifying questions, and convey orders in a clear and concise manner • Working with a diverse range of people with the goal of developing positive relationships and building rapport • Grasped attention to detail skills by ensuring table settings, food presentation, and customer preferences are of good standards • Resolving customer complaints and handling difficult situations with professionalism • Developed sales skills such as suggestive selling, upselling, and cross-selling • Acquired multitasking skills by taking orders, serving food and drinks, handling payments, and cleaning tables

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
Retail Category
High-end luxury
High street
Work Environment
Department store
High street store
Shopping centre
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product setup
Product labelling
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Order preparation
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Education & Training
Eastbrook Comprehensive Secondary School
‘16 - ‘21