A unique Finnish package made of artistic, technical, language & people skills,motivation and international experience.
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I’m a Finnish designer, a unique package made of artistic talent, technical & people skills, language abilities and international experience. Motivated, passionated and curious! I'm a versatile designer, but my forte lies mainly in womenswear (from initial research and sketches to flat drawings, presentations and final products), concept development, textile pattern design, innovation & trend research, as well as Japanese aesthetics, clothing & culture. Competent with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I have a keen eye for design and style and I'm knowledgeable in clothing history, especially re:Japan. In addition to my design background I have experience in translating, proofreading, ESL teaching, project management and working in international environments. After my MA degree, I spent a few years living in Japan, working mainly as an English teacher and instructor at all education levels. Now I'm making a "comeback" to the world of art and design. As a designer I like to combine artistic vision with functionality. I have an interest in the relationship between people and objects and have e.g. researched the concepts of Long Life Design & Mottainai. I am extremely motivated, bursting of creativity, without forgetting the necessity for practicality and the desires and needs of people - the customers. With me you'd have an employee who is passionate, earnest, skilled and hungry for more knowledge.

Previous Brands
Innovative Language Learning
Ivana Helsinki Paola Suhonen
Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation
TASCA Japan / Kolors
Richard Nicoll Ltd
Flannels Group Ltd
Iittala Group
Soltanto Co Ltd
The Kyoto Costume Institute
Work Experience
Freelance Clothing, Print & Costume Designer and Creative
Jan ‘14 - Now
Self employed

- Presentations, layouts, concepts, moodboards - Textile print designs - Fashion flat drawings & instructions - Womenswear / Menswear design - Costume design & styling

Content Creator, Editor, Proofreader
May ‘14 - Now
Innovative Language Learning

Producing learning material in Finnish for an American company, which specializes in language teaching in a creative way. Creating and editing scripts, translating English & Finnish content. Responding to student's questions regards to Finnish language and grammar. Audio and video host for Finnish language lessons.

Assistant Designer
May ‘23 - Jun ‘23

Assisting the designer with her new collection, on a previously-agreed schedule / as a short-term project. Tasks included sewing, cutting, pattern alterations, sourcing, drawing flat drawings, research.

Assistant Designer
Dec ‘22 - Mar ‘23
Ivana Helsinki Paola Suhonen

Including, but not limited to: - finalising textile patterns for production - technical drawings of garments, accessories and homeware goods - B2B visual presentations (e.g. a presentation I made ensured a 25K deal for the brand) - brand communication both to agents and customers, in the form of weekly news letter - sourcing

English Instructor
Feb ‘20 - Jan ‘22
Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation

Working as an English Instructor in the Tutorial English course, which is a program of communication classes for Waseda University students. The aim of the program is to improve students’ speaking skills and to encourage them to use English in a natural way. Tasks included in my job: - Prepare lesson plans and supplementary teaching materials - Maintain student records for student attendance and progress - Conduct well-organised and engaging group lessons - Observe and guide weekly student groups, and assess the students' performances based on the previously set lesson objectives - Motivate and encourage students during the class, taking their personalities and interests into account. Give advice and offer support, e.g. with grammar or pronunciation. - Assess students' speaking skills and CEFR abilities - Write reports with constructive feedback after each class - Write personalised feedback for each student at the end of each term, which identifies their strengths and weaknesses, and provides them with customised advice suitable for their level and interests. I have also worked at the Academic Support Services department, where my tasks were to check international exchange students' application documents, and as a teacher at an intensive English course, at a high school in Tokyo.

Assistant Language Teacher (Elementary, Junior High, Kindergarten)
Mar ‘17 - Jun ‘19

Using my people, language and organisational skills to work as an engaging, motivating and compassionate English teacher at Japanese public schools. Making lesson plans, lesson flows and preparing suitable, good quality materials for them. Creating creative and engaging activities for the students to actively learn English through enjoyment and fun. Teaching proper pronunciation, grammar, writing skills, speaking skills. Evaluating students' essays and both written and oral tests. Assisting students in preparation for English writing or speech contests. The role allowed me to use my design skills in the creation of engaging presentations, activities, posters etc. for my students. The role required resilience, self-initiative and skills in project management. - Junior High School: Teaching English mainly in the T2 role but occasionally in the T1(=main) role, to approximately 300 students, including also special needs groups. - Elementary School: Teaching English for approximately 400 students. Mainly in the T1(=main) role for the 3rd and 4th grade students, and in the T2 role (year 2018-2019) for the 5th and 6th grade. In year 2017-2018 I taught English mainly in the T1 role for the 5th and 6th grade. - Kindergarten: Various kindergartens, size of one group varying between 8 to 30 students.

Consult, Blogger, Trend Hunter
Jan ‘14 - Jan ‘15
TASCA Japan / Kolors

Scanning current and up-coming trends in Tokyo and writing about fashion and trend related phenomena to a blog aimed at European male audience, about Japanese trends. Reporting from Tokyo Fashion Week. Giving the company my own insight.

Design Studio Assistant
Jan ‘11 - Jan ‘11
Richard Nicoll Ltd

Assisting Mr.Nicoll and his team in the preparatory work for SS12 collection. My tasks included assisting the head patternmakers, sewing toiles, cutting fabrics, and visiting manufacturers and suppliers to collect samples and products. デザインスタジオアシスタント、インターンシップ、Richard Nicoll社 ロンドン、イギリス(2011年7月ー9月) ヘッドパターンナーと協働し、2012年春夏コレクションに向けた業務に従事。

Sales Advisor
Sep ‘07 - Aug ‘08
Flannels Group Ltd

Providing first class customer service at an exclusive fashion boutique in Manchester, UK. In addition to sales work and customer service, I would keep in touch with the existing customers and assist them according to their needs, prepare possible garment alterations, work in the stock room, take care of tax free-sales, make some visual merchandising and styling and keep up to date with current and upcoming trends.

Sales Assistant
Jan ‘01 - Jan ‘06
Iittala Group

Working at the busy flagship stores of Finnish design & tableware company Iittala Oy Ab (now known as Fiskars Oy Ab). I worked in the Helsinki Arabia store between 2002-2006 and in the Helsinki Esplanadi store in 2012-2013. In addition to providing friendly, punctual and knowledgeable customer service, I was also responsible for some visual merchandising, placing orders in the area of my responsibility, taking care of tax free and export services and assisting groups of international customers.

International Division
Jan ‘05 - Jan ‘05
Soltanto Co Ltd

Going over the Finnish fashion scene to find interesting new clothing labels; contacting them in order to start negotiations between them and Soltanto, a Japanese clothing company specialised in fashion e-commerce. Finding out and clarifying the international import/export procedures between Finland and Japan. インターンシップ、Soltanto社、国際部 大阪、日本(2005年8月ー9月) 日本のオンライン小売業者が、注目されるフィンランドの衣服ブランドやデザイナーと取引関 係を築く支援をし、フィンランドー日本間の衣服の輸出入手続などに関する確認を行なった。

Curatorial Assistant
May ‘04 - Aug ‘04
The Kyoto Costume Institute

Assisting the designer with her new collection, on a previously-agreed schedule / as a short-term project. Tasks included sewing, cutting, pattern alterations, sourcing, drawing flat drawings, research.

English - Fluent
French - Basic
Finnish - Native
Swedish - Work Proficiency
Japanese - Work Proficiency
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Work Pattern
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Education & Training
Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
‘12 - ‘16
Master's Degree
Fashion & Collection Design
Lahti Institute of Design
‘08 - ‘12
Bachelor's Degree
Fashion Design