Aymeric le Breton

Architect, interior designer, model & fitting model.

Hello, I am Aymeric Danyong Le Breton, a qualified architect with a master`s degree from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture in Paris, France. For the past year, I have been living and working as an architect in Seoul. I recently resigned from Byhand, where I spent the last 10 months evolving within a small team of three individuals. During this time, I took on various responsibilities, including site studies, mass plans, project layouts, concepts, interior design, facade composition, detailed sections, construction details, and the production of hand-drawn perspective drawings. As a Franco-Korean individual raised in France, I have consistently sought to deepen my connection to Korean culture, both personally and professionally. My dual heritage has naturally acquainted me with the art of Western Europe and East Asia, serving as a constant source of inspiration in my design approach as an architect. One primary objective motivating my relocation to South Korea was to cultivate knowledge of its vernacular architecture, particularly as a pivotal inspiration behind my decision to pursue this profession. While construction frequently incorporates wood, traditional Korean architecture distinguishes itself by showing the material's endless versatility of form, technique, and mood. From intricate joinery details to a variety of shapes, wood becomes an integral aesthetic element, contributing to the spatial and sensory experience of visitors or residents. Equally important to me is the preservation of heritage. In my previous role at the French architecture firm Jean Laurent Peillon, I worked closely with expert artisans specialized in ancestral construction techniques now used to renovate and restore French heritage sites. From timber-framed houses to massive stone castles, I learned how traditional craftsmanship is reworked to strike a balance between modern and traditional, finding subtle solutions to restore a site without damaging its historical integrity. I place great importance on craftsmanship and the hand-made manufacturing process. Craftsmanship allows for an understanding of a culture and the richness of the history of a place or any object. Understanding different crafts helps find and maintain a balance between modernity and tradition?a crucial aspect in our profession. Moreover, I always have the curiosity to acquire maximum knowledge when working on a new project, conducting thorough research to better understand clients' expectations and find the best solutions to translate their desires into projects. In 2022, I had the opportunity to realize a Korean restaurant in my hometown in France. This experience significantly contributed to my growth as an architect, helping me understand the responsibilities and challenges of the profession. From the creative process to construction drawings, administrative documents, standards, and site supervision, I grasped the architect`s role? not just as a draftsman and designer but also as an intermediary between the client and artisans. I realized the architect`s importance in maintaining balance among all stakeholders, emphasizing the necessity of being physically present throughout every stage of a project for its smooth functioning. I am someone who easily integrates into a team, constantly pushing myself to give my best. I am always eager to learn and take on new tasks. Colleagues have often mentioned that my calm and smiling personality brings a lot of positivity to the agencies where I have worked. My constant commitment to excellence and my ability to adapt and inspire others make me an asset to companies. I would like to find a job that combines several of my passions. I would like to take the direction of working as an architect in a retail agency or in interior design within the luxury and fashion industry. I am not afraid of a job that requires me to travel and work internationally. My goal in the coming years is to join a high-fashion house to work as a retail manager. I look forward to discussing my application in more detail during an interview. Thank you for considering my request. Sincerely, Aymeric Danyong Le Breton

Previous Brands
Byhand Architect office
Emmanuelle Colboc et associés
Jean Laurent PEILLON architecture
Ramseyer Architectes
Work Experience
Mar ‘23 - Dec ‘23
Byhand Architect office

• Generated comprehensive documentation for various permits, including drawing permits and construction permits. • Led the sketch phase of projects within the agency, overseeing tasks such as project site layout, mass studies, and concept development. • Executed specific missions involving the creation of detailed sections for diverse projects. • Assistant to the Chief Architect for an architecture competition focused on housing apartments in Bundang, Korea • Crafted detailed hand-made perspective drawings with precision.

Model & fitting model
Jan ‘23 - Now
Self employed

Photo shoot for the "fabriqué en récrée" brand collection. Photo shoot and fittings scheduled for the exciting launch of the Korean brand Yonzu. A specially curated shoot to showcase the new men's collection for ESCADA, in collaboration with Cowell Fashion.

Dec ‘20 - Sep ‘21
Jean Laurent PEILLON architecture

• Revitalized a Haussmannian Building on rue des Champs-Élysées, formerly inhabited Jan 2021 - Sep 2021 by Lady Diana, overseeing architecture surveys and proposing a new layout. • Specialized agency focused on the restoration of French historical monuments. • Led the design phase, produced documents for drawing and construction permits. • Ensured construction site quality through meticulous supervision.

Handmade model
Aug ‘20 - Aug ‘20
Ramseyer Architectes

• Commissioned to handcraft a model for a renovation and extension project of an Aug 2020 existing farmhouse in the south of France.

Handmade Model
Feb ‘20 - Feb ‘20
Emmanuelle Colboc et associés

• Commissioned to handcraft a model for a social housing competition in Paris. Feb 2020

Purchasing agent
Nov ‘19 - Nov ‘19

• Commissioned to source French Napoleonic-era frames for the creation of a hotel in Seoul. • Conducted supplier research in France and served as an intermediary between DKDC and Parisian suppliers

Korean - Basic
Spanish - Basic
English - Fluent
French - Native
Education & Training
ENSA Paris-Belleville
‘21 - ‘22
Master 2
Wood construction. Housing, interior design, details.
Semester ENSA Paris-Belleville
‘18 - ‘19
Master 1 1st
Housing. Wood structure.
Semester Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan
‘18 - ‘19
Master 1 2nd
Artificial light
Ensa Paris-Belleville
‘15 - ‘18
Seoul, South Korea