Elizabeth Folorunsho



Elizabeth Folorunsho

Creative, ambitious, keen to learn new things

Work Location

London, UK

Motivated student with great communication skills who is keen on learning new things, regularly engages in activities like basketball which has thought great teamwork skills and often creates art which has helped improve attention to detail especially when painting

    • Kent House Day Nursery SIU

    Nursery assistant

    Kent House Day Nursery SIU

    Jun 2022 - Jun 2022

    When getting to do a two week work experience in childcare I took on a big role of responsibility and improved my level of communication when delivering fun activities to the children and my ability t...

    Retail Experience
    • Client Help
    • Greeting
    • Complaint handling
    • Styling
    • Stockroom management
    • Store Maintenance
    Retail Category
    • High street
    Work Environment
    • Boutique
    • Shopping centre
    • Pop-Up
    • High street store
    • Department store
    Product Category
    • Womenswear
    • Menswear
    • Footwear
    • Watches & Jewelry
    • Accessories
    • Beauty & Fragrances


    Not specified.

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