Quintin Ata



Quintin Ata


Work Location

London Borough of Waltham Forest, UK

PROFILE A highly motivated and dedicated professional with excellent communication skills and the ability to work well in a team. Strong focus on customer satisfaction and experience in customer service gained through work as a wedding assistant at Punjab Catering. Known for reliability and ability to stay organised. Excited to contribute to a new team.

    • Pink Panda
    • Oowee diner
    • LKSolutions
    • Saracens
    • Punjab Catering

    Crew Worker


    Apr 2022 - Now

    • Helping set up mass stages with my team and also taking back down.
    • Carrying heaving equipments; loading and unloading the van.

    Production Chef

    Oowee diner

    Feb 2023 - Now

    • Tassumed the key responsibilities of preparing poultry, crafting tasty beef burgers, and expertly cooking fries. + Additionally, I diligently upheld the utmost standards of kitchen sanitation and hy...

    Wedding Assistant

    Punjab Catering

    Jul 2022 - May 2023

    + I'managed to learn how to carry loads of plates, walk and serve food quickly,
    • Clean up and set up venues, and unload and load vans.
    • I gained excellent customer service skills, good verbal comm...

    Agency worker

    Pink Panda

    Jun 2022 - Mar 2023

    + Allows me to be flexible and to gain skills and experiences in different areas.
    • Letting me try out different kinds of work. + Agency work is was a real helpful stepping stone for me to get the jo...

    Public Catering/ Pourer


    Sep 2022 - Jan 2023

    + Itallow me to experience a fast paced environment strengthing my focused mindset.
    • I'm tasked to served a large amount of people with my team/staff' + Experience in a fast-paced environment, stren...

    Retail Experience
    • Store Maintenance
    • Stockroom management
    • Packaging
    • Client Help
    • Greeting


    Pro Direct Academy North London College

    Level 3 BTEC Sport,


    2022 to 2024

    Holy Family Catholic School

    Maths, English,Science,History,RE,Btec Sports, Hospitality and Catering


    2017 to 2022

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