Amy Du Brow-Lassalle



Amy Du Brow-Lassalle

Retail Operations, Client Relations, Service and Management Specialist

Current Location

Paris, France

Amy is available for work

25+ years of Fashion industry experience.

2020 experience in video chat, CRM online development to create a selling ceremony adapted to our recent needs to create, build and maintain strong (retail and wholesale) customer relations.

Originally from Los Angeles (where I worked 10 years), I have lived and worked in France for over 20 years with various global markets, essentially in the Luxury/Premium fashion sector and have held positions as Sales Advisor, Store Manager, Zone Manager and Retail Director for a rich variety of brands and fashion houses, big and small.

As a skilled manager and dynamic leader, I focus on performance and excellence, constantly striving to develop myself and my teams. I aspire to leading by example on all levels and inspiring both clients and colleagues.

Areas of expertise:
-Management: business drive, and customer excellence
-Team and individual development, HR
-Coaching and training
-Strategic retail planning and budgeting
-Stock management and security
-CRM and client experience development
-Merchandising and visual management
-Operations: Store maintenance, openings and refurbishing
-Wholesale sales and retail buying
-Online sales

  • Brands Amy has worked with
    • Made to Sell
    • CELINE
    • Acne Studios
    • Maison Michel
    • Le Marchand D'Etoiles
    • Le Marchand d'Oublis
    • Bonpoint
    • Fendi
  • Amy's past titles
    • Management
    • Retail Director
    • International Business Manager Europe Russia and Middle East
    • Retail Advertising Manager
    • Owner
    • Retail Director
    • Store Manager
Work Preference
Location Preference

Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Permanent Positions

Sales and Management Training Consultant

Made to Sell

Mar 2021 - Nov 2021

Consultant Made to Sell, management consulting firm specialising in Business Development, Skills Development services through "Selling in Style" operations (Large Enterprises) and "Enterprise Developm...

Interim Director of Operations and Retail Excellence EMEA


Dec 2018 - Jul 2019

Maximization of functionality of retail operations, procedures, management of operations managers, stock management.
• Collaboration with other services and departments to identify the best way to wor...

Retail Area Manager, France and Germany

Acne Studios

Dec 2014 - Jul 2018

Retail operations, recruitment and other diverse HR responsibilities, sales training, coaching development, sales development and analysis, service and CRM development, securing successful KPI results...

Retail Pop Up Manager

Maison Michel

Nov 2013 - Apr 2014

Retail Manager at Maison Michel's first-ever Pop-Up store located at 19 rue Cambon in Paris. My mission was to set up clientele relations, sales development, sales analyses, visual merchandising, mana...

Company owner Le Marchand d'Etoiles

Le Marchand d'Oublis

Mar 2006 - Nov 2013

Franchise owner of a flagship store located in Paris. The creation of the Marchand d'Etoiles label in 2006 led me to open the first store, located in the St Germain de Pres area, and its immediate suc...

Philippe Lardellier

Retail Merchandiser, Fendi

Worked in the same group

It's amazing to work with Amy. she has an incredible, phenomenal energy. she is always radiant and positive, every day, whatever the difficulty. amy is focused and gives clear directions. its feedback is always constructive and formulated in a concrete and fair way. she is demanding and also worthy of example. she is also passionate about fashion


General Manager EME, Celine

Direct manager

During Amy's time with Celine she was committed, enthusiastic and was results driven. Her energy and motivation would benefit any company!

  • Retail Management


  • Training


  • Sales


  • Operations


  • People Development


  • Coaching


  • Buying


  • Merchandising







Work Proficiency

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Bachelor Degree

Art History

1989 to 1993

About certificate

Details matter to Amy, as does tradition and quality control. She is compliant to procedures, enjoys working with industrious people and likes the formality of a clear chain of command. Amy is at her best when she knows exactly what's required of her and can commit her full attention to the task. Amy has good relationships with most people due to her considerate manner. She is an active listener and genuinely interested in the views that others are expressing. A cautious and thorough individual. She is neat and tidy and being correct brings her peace of mind, as she cannot stand shoddy work.

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