Sagal Amin

Operation Executive

With experience in customer-facing roles and a knack for managing payments and stock, I excel at fostering positive interactions. My adaptability is showcased through my ability to handle varied tasks in fast-paced settings. Proficient in English with a proven track record of responsibility.

Previous Brands
Cignpost Diagnostic
Ipsos Mori
Work Experience
May ‘21 - Nov ‘22
Cignpost Diagnostic

• Responsible for processing hundreds of customers through digital RFID and Salesforce systems. • Technology and software skills, I was able to achieve this by identifying of test result outcomes of 400+ samples and given the trust of further responsibility in keeping record of each sample using a complex online database. • Experience in use of systems including Electronic Lab Notebooks and Laboratory Information Management Systems (SLIMS). Which is an essential skill to have working in a firm, as you'll be using a variety of legal software programs and tech tools to keep client billing and coordinating schedules. • Attention to detail, by ensuring samples were stored correctly and delivered to the correct site for assessment at timed intervals through the day. • The ability and willingness to take on responsibility, as demonstrated by training and providing administrative support for trainees on use of the SLIMS system which saw a reduction in technical errors which lead to a 90% decrease in missing samples on the database at the terminal 5 site that week.

Jun ‘18 - Jul ‘18

• Given responsibility and trained to work on the till and manage payments by cash and credit. • Restocked catalogue and products as well as handled acceptance of delivered packages during unloading of merchandise.

Jul ‘22

• Reviewed and negotiated ad-hoc internal legal queries with supervision. • Received practical training for understanding and interpretation of commercial terms of business and NDAs. • Carried out research into legal queries, including but not limited to data privacy, compliance related issues. • Addressed internal stakeholders on general queries with supervision. • Carried out administrative tasks such as recording contractual document and processes of executing documents. • Practical understanding of working in an in-house legal and advisory function. • Advised a Senior Compliance Assurance Manager regarding the Modern Slavery Act and Data Protection Act and presented legal research concerning the annual statement which is required by the act.

Retail Experience
Client Help
Client Advising
Stockroom management
Product setup
English - Fluent
Somali - Fluent
Arabic - Basic
Education & Training
Brunel University
Drayton Manor High School
Unknown - ‘19