Ezgi Gursoy



Ezgi Gursoy

SAINT E / Co-founder and Creative Director ; Freelance Fashion Design and Consultancy

Current Location

Fethiye, Muğla, Turkey

Ezgi is available for work


Co-Founder of the luxury global fashion brand SAINT E, a modern label using exciting fabrics and fearless designs. I am responsible for designing the collections and creating the style, story and brand of SAINT E.
With 6 years of experience in the fashion industry, my passion for fashion design is driven by creativity, innovation, and style. I have honed my skills in various areas of fashion design, including creative direction, styling, art direction, photoshoot preparation, direction and styling.
As a fashion designer, I have developed a unique artistic vision that is expressed through my designs. I pride myself on my ability to create original and innovative designs that are not only fashion-forward but also timeless. My expertise in developing mood boards is crucial to bringing my vision to life, and I am meticulous in preparing and directing photo shoots that showcase my designs in the best possible light and able to combine different styles and materials seamlessly is one of my greatest strengths as a fashion designer. I believe that fashion should be challenging yet elegant, and I strive to achieve this balance in all my designs and collections.
In addition to my fashion design skills, a critical perspective for detail is present. Enjoyment is found in collaborating with creative teams to achieve stunning results, with exceptional taste and ability to bring projects to life highly valued.
Overall, I am a passionate and skilled fashion designer with a flair for creativity and innovation. My passion for fashion and my dedication to my craft make me a valuable asset to any fashion and design project, and I am excited to continue to grow and develop my skills in the industry.

  • Brands Ezgi has worked with
    • Saint E
    • Körfez Home Design
  • Ezgi's past titles
    • Founder
    • Designer
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Employment Preference
  • Freelance Assignments
  • Hourly Consulting

Co-Founder / Creative Director / Designer

Saint E

Apr 2017 - Now

Creative Director / Designer

Körfez Home Design

Apr 2017 - Now

  • Fashion Design


  • Apparel


  • Mood Boards


  • Fashion Illustration


  • Styling


  • Creative Direction


  • Fashion Consulting


  • Fashion




NABA _ Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

Bachelor Degree

Lisans Derecesi, Fashion Designer

2015 to 2016

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi

Bachelor Degree

Fashion Design

2012 to 2017

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