Mina Rabani

Passionate post graduate student working in business intelligence

An organized, dependable, and positive candidate. Willingness to contribute more to team goals in the e-commerce and operations team. Master's degree holder who speaks Persian and English, with some Turkish, and Arabic knowledge. Adventure and a team player with practical experience in content marketing and confidence that can bring value to the dynamic and innovative team; I explored Asia, and Europe, growing and presenting skills and strengthening my communication and problem-solving. Additionally, I have a tenacious and entrepreneurial approach to working through product, process, and client challenges. I appreciate communicating client needs to cross-functional stakeholders. I'm good at fast-paced work and want to work where creativity, fun, and diversity are valued.

Previous Brands
Aston University
Work Experience
Jan ‘19 - Apr ‘21
Aston University

Persian - Fluent
English - Work Proficiency
Birmingham, UK