Faizaan Mehmood

Sales Associate

Enthusiastic and results-oriented sales associate with a recent history of exceptional sales performance at David Clulow and Selfridges. Passionate about continuous personal learning and development. I bring a plethora of knowledge and experience to the table. I am eager to leverage my unique blend of creativity, resilience, and problem-solving abilities to drive sales growth and exceed customer expectations.

Previous Brands
(David Clulow Sunglasses – Brent Cross & White City
(Selfridges - Office Shoes
Work Experience
Luxury Sales Associate
Jul ‘23 - Oct ‘23
(David Clulow Sunglasses – Brent Cross & White City

• Generated almost £30,000 in sales in under three months, (the highest-grossing sales associate) • Employed expert product knowledge to advise customers on luxury brands, including Gucci, Prada, Chanel - selling nearly 200 units. • Upsold company care kits meeting 30% KPI, awarded 'Best in Class' during Week 36, surpassing every regional sales associate as well as closest competitor by 22% • Managed stock availability and executed restocking efforts to ensure a well-stocked and organized concession stand, contributing to efficient operations. • Engaged in visual merchandising, maintaining visually appealing product displays that maximized sales and enhanced customer engagement. • Assisted in minimizing theft and maintaining the security of valuable merchandise.

Event Security Volunteer
Mar ‘23 - Mar ‘23

• Demonstrated the ability to handle unexpected situations whilst safeguarding hundreds of people, offering directions and addressing concerns at events exhibiting an ability to take initiative and confidently interact with others. • Maintained balanced attendee flow, identifying and promptly addressing signs of overcrowding, this resulted in heightened employer and attendee satisfaction, evidenced by overwhelmingly positive feedback and a complete absence of complaints.

Temporary Sales Associate
Jan ‘23 - Jan ‘23
(Selfridges - Office Shoes

• Effectively multi-tasked; managing stockroom tasks, promptly catering to multiple customer requests, navigating various stockrooms to ensure prompt and high quality service. • Organized store merchandise racks by size, style, and color to maintain clean, visually appealing showroom. • Provided product details, addressing customer inquiries, resolving complaints using contributing to a positive customer experience through successfully navigating challenging situations. • Finished top of the company's online training platform during my tenure, surpassing all sales associates by at least 40 points. Gaining in-depth knowledge of various popular shoe brands. • Streamlined processes through strategic delegation, teamwork, and effective communication, elevating customer satisfaction and a seamless customer experience.

Bakery Supervisor
Dec ‘19 - Dec ‘19

• Used a range of sales techniques to generate exceptional results, propelling personal sales to account for over 75% of the total revenue achieved. • Managed stock inventory, demonstrating strong purchasing acumen ensuring ample stock availability. • Conducted market research on the target market contributing to over a 5% increase in projected sales. • Negotiated with an investor to secure funds, demonstrating persuasive communication and financial acumen. • Addressed customer issues with compassion and professionalism, ensuring swift, successful resolution and 100% satisfaction. • Applied expertise in team leadership to address productivity and performance issues, motivating colleagues to achieve KPIs and the facilitation of a streamlined sales process.

Retail Experience
Store Approvals
John Lewis
Retail Category
Work Environment
Department store
Shopping centre
Product Category
Complaint handling
Client Help
Client Advising
Returns & Exchanges
Inventory control
Product labelling
Stockroom management
Open/closing store
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Education & Training
Queen Mary University of London
‘22 - ‘25