Rahsaan Perkins

FP&A Manager, CIMA Adv Dip | Co-founder & CEO of Heat Central Brotherhood
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I have over 2 years finance experience across 3 roles which include looking at revenue, implementing strategic decisions and forecasting around the whole business. I am also a part-qualified in CIMA with only 1 year of experience standing in the way of being fully qualified. Outside of my finance career, I am a sneaker fanatic who has been invested in the culture for over 10 years but within the last 5 I have actively pursued an online presence for my sneaker platform which has amassed over 110k followers in the process.

Previous Brands
Heat Central Brotherhood
Work Experience
Financial planning & analysis manager
Sep ‘22 - Now

This role involved leading the monthly forecast process from a central finance point of view. I also assisted in the creation of the 5 year budget. Key responsibilities and successes • Leading the production of monthly forecasts for Openreach as well as challenging business units • Reviewing SAP submissions by Business • Assisting in producing the 5 year budget for Openreach • Variance analysis accompanied by commentary Openreach at a total level

Strategy Finance Manager
Sep ‘21 - Sep ‘22

This role consisted of working on numerous business cases that looked over time horizons from anywhere between 20 to 60 years. Key responsibilities and successes • To help implement strategic decisions. This was achieved through creating & managing financial models for strategic decisions which assisted in present ing financials to senior stakeholders. - Responsible for the financials of the exchange closure business case which had an NPV of over £400m and a cost profile of over £200m (37% drop from when I was given the case) for a 10 year period. This model helped to decide which exchange buildings were worth closing. - Assisted in the XGSPON business case being approved by the CFO after a year of back and forth between the strategy team. The business case had a £24m lower NPV than the do nothing approach but the overall case had a value of £2bn. - Played an instrumental role in creating a financial model on the valua tion of Openreach which fed into BT Groups valuation. Also worked with the regulatory finance team to assess the impact regulation would have on Openreach's valuation. • Another responsibility I had was to manage both internal and external stake holders. - I managed internal stakeholders through numerous ways such as working with the strategy team and operations teams to retrieve raw data as well as working together to create assumption for numerous business cases. I also had to prepare slides for strategy directors, fi nance directors and the CFO which helped summarise financials as well as explain assumptions within a business case. - For external stakeholders, this occurred through working with BT Group senior finance managers and directors to present the summary of our business cases assumptions and financials.

Commercial Finance Manager
Sep ‘20 - Sep ‘21

This role was my the first rotation within my finance graduate scheme and consisted of me being the balance sheet controller within the revenue team where I managed Openreach's £5bn annual reve nue. Key responsibilities and successes • My main responsibility was measuring performance through month end re porting. - Led on monthly balance sheet reporting for the CCP finance team. This involved reporting on Openreach's £400m+ monthly revenue which can be broken down into balance sheet items (e.g. Trade debt ors, deferred income & accrued income). I also provided high level commentary to the central finance team. - Led on monthly KPI reporting in relation to the customer base for Openreach's products. This was also reported into the central finance team alongside high level commentary around the reported and fore casted numbers. • Review of revenue deferral process for various products. This process is done bi-annually to review the average customer length of Openreach's products as this dictates the deferral period used for the product. • I implemented process documents around all the reports I led as there was a lack of documentation and simplified our processes to give us more time to add value for our month end reporting.

Jan ‘17 - Now
Heat Central Brotherhood

Co-founder & CEO of my sneaker platform called Heat Central Brotherhood Key responsibilities and successes •Managing and growing an Instagram page to over 110k followers •Creating opportunities for creatives to grow through giving them a spotlight on our platform •Trend analysis •Managing relationships with professionals and entrepreneurs within the sneaker space •Content curation •Designing a custom sneaker

English - Fluent
Education & Training
University of West London
‘15 - ‘18
BA Honours 1st Class Degree
Accounting & Finance
London, UK