Aiya Kenache

Customer Service Assistant

Experienced retail professional with a strong background in customer service and sales. At Zara, I excelled in maintaining store presentation, assisting customers, and processing online orders. Friendly, knowledgeable, and adaptable to various tasks within fast-paced environments.

Previous Brands
Eon Next
Elan Cafe
Trojan Security
Work Experience
Jul ‘23 - Aug ‘23

During my time working in Zara one of my roles was to monitor display stock levels, replenishing for consistently well stocked sales floor while also updating product labelling and pricing to reflect discounts and offers. I also greeted customers and helped with selecting merchandise, finding accessories, and completing purchases while listening to customer needs and preferences to provide targeted advice, increasing sales opportunities. one of my main roles was to maintain high standards store presentation and shelving new products in visually appealing, organised displays to engage customers. when the shop was not busy, I would also have to help with the stock room by picking processing and packing online orders for delivery and collections.

Apr ‘23 - Jun ‘23
Eon Next

My main roles when working for eon next a gas and electric company was transferring customer calls to respective department or personnel to address specific issues. Recorded customer communications to maintain proper documentation. I handled requests with friendly, knowledgeable service and support, continually achieving positive customer feedback. I would offer prompt solutions to maintain customer satisfaction while adhering strictly to policies and procedures for continued company compliance. And lastly, I would follow scripts when answering common customer questions. As I worked in an emergency line, I would make sure the customer is satisfied with the customer service and also make sure they are no longer in any danger by requesting help or by helping them out with instruction on how to fix their meters.

Aug ‘22 - Dec ‘22
Elan Cafe

when working for elan in oxford street I would warmly greet guests upon arrival to create welcoming atmosphere. I would be assigned managing restaurant closing duties and opening the cafe duties, from cleaning dining areas to cashing up tills. delivering food and drinks from kitchen to respective tables to meet timely expectations and keeping guest tables neat and tidy by regularly clearing away dirty dishes and used glasses and wiping down surfaces. in oxford street the cafe would always be busy so serving high volumes of guests in fast-paced service environments with exceptional customer care was one of the skills I have gained when working here.

Jan ‘18 - Dec ‘19
Trojan Security

I would work in events such as football games, concerts and other events and would do my best to deliver smooth events with proactive crowd and traffic control. dealing with people and advising customers on logistical queries, demonstrating clear understanding of site layout and event timetables. when incidents occur, I would have to deescalate it or report it to the security team for resolution.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
Product Category
Complaint handling
Client Help
Health & safety
Store Maintenance
Stock control
Delivery processing
Product labelling
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Open/closing store
Online orders fulfilment
English - Native
Arabic - Fluent
Education & Training
Kingston University
Unknown - ‘24
Bachelor of Biochemistry