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Elena Seijo-Martínez

Fashion design & Embroidery

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London, UK

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Hi, Iam Elena Seijo-Martínez, Iam a fashion designer and embroiderer. I am a meticulous person with special attention to detail and a passion for art, design, fashion and embroidery.

In addition to my training in fashion design and sculpture, where I have developed skills in pattern making, CAD design, illustration, creation of prints, creating volumetric shapes with different materials (wood, paper, stone, metals, resins, fabrics. ..), among many other qualities typical of a design career. I have specialized in haute couture embroidery at the Ecole Lesage in Paris and at the Royal School of Needlework in London where I have learned to perform various haute couture embroidery techniques made with the Luneville hook and needle.

  • Brands Elena has worked with
    • Hermione de Paula
    • Suzie Turner
    • Lakú
  • Elena's past titles
    • Embroidery Designer
    • Embroidery Designer
    • Jewelry Artist
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Embroidery and embellishment

Hermione de Paula

Jun 2021 - Apr 2022

design and manufacture of embroidery and embellishment (beading, applique...) Sewing, pattern making and CAD design

Embroidery and embellishment

Suzie Turner

Mar 2021 - Jun 2021

Design and manufacture of embroidery and embellishment (beading, applique...)

jewelry design and manufacture


Jun 2015 - Feb 2019

Design and manufacture of jewelry and accessories. Sale of products (beads, jewelry designs...) customer service and teach jewelry initiation courses for customers to make their own jewelry.

  • Embroidery


  • Embellishment


  • Textile Prints


  • Drawing


  • Fashion Design


  • Pattern Development


  • CAD Illustration


  • CAD/CAM Software



Work Proficiency







Royal School of Needlework.

Higher School Certificate


2022 to 2022

EASD Mestre Mateo


Fashion design

n/a to 2023

École Lesage


Haute couture embroidery

n/a to 2020

EASD Mestre Mateo

Certificate of Higher Educatiom


n/a to 2010

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