Angelica Freitas

Graphic Design

I'm a curious and good-humored person with a good soul, interesting thoughts and 20 years of recognized experience in communication, art direction, and project management. The universe of Communication and Art have been present in my life for over 22 years, providing me with professional and personal experiences in cities like Lima, Cusco, São Paulo, Bogotá, Fortaleza, Porto and Avignon. I have worked for Brands and Institutions often in the field of Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle, Gastronomy and Design. Whether it’s Graphic Design, Branding, Art direction, Editorial, Photography or Social Media, forming a unique artistic visual is what I look to. I believe the way we tell stories visually and verbally is what makes things remarkable. I have a keen eye at the world and at the newest trends. As a visionary designer, I strive to inspire with concept direction and imagery solutions through art direction, product development, and creative content strategy of the partners and companies I work with. Having these experiences throughout so many fields and places, has led me on achieving a global and integrated vision, a curious mind, a multicultural perspective, a mature attitude dealing with different people and a committed fast learning skills.

Previous Brands
Fio A Fio Handmade Fabrics
Governo do Estado do Ceará
Peixe Design Studio
Pima Kinz Textile
Prefeitura de Fortaleza
Yvy Design Studio
Work Experience
Coordinator of the Design, Communication, Art, Fashion and Beauty segments - manager of educational
Jan ‘22 - Aug ‘22

products and coordinator of Senac's Fashion Master Plan – Northeast Brazil

Art Director
Oct ‘19 - Dec ‘21
Governo do Estado do Ceará

Art Direction at ÍRIS - Ceará Innovation and Data Lab – Responsible for creating the entire visual identity of the Lab – Fortaleza – Oct. 2019 - Dez. 2021

Manager of the Certification area and Curator of the State Crafts Program
Feb ‘15 - Oct ‘19
Governo do Estado do Ceará

of the State Crafts Program – Fortaleza – Fev. 2015 - Oct./2019 Todos os Poemas Fashion Brand Brand designer – Responsible for product design and marketing – Fortaleza – Dec./2017 - Oct./2020

Brand Designer – Creation
Jul ‘13 - Mar ‘14
Pima Kinz Textile

Creative direction and product coordination. Responsible for the collection development and production monitoring: planning, product creation, product development and production supervision with suppliers

Creative Director
Oct ‘09 - May ‘11
Peixe Design Studio

Design Studio with experience in the areas of Fashion Design and Textile Design – Creative Direction and Product Coordination – Responsible for product design, planning and marketing

Creative Director of the Design for Crafts Program – Development and Creation of
Sep ‘06 - Oct ‘07
Prefeitura de Fortaleza

Responsible for the management of the design team and coordination of development and creation of products according to the needs of the partner companies of the program

Creative Director
Jan ‘06 - Oct ‘09
Yvy Design Studio

Design Studio with experience in the areas of Fashion Design and Graphic Design – Creative Direction, Product Coordination and Marketing – Collection Development. Production monitoring: planning, product creation, product development and production supervision with suppliers – Fortaleza – Jan./2006 - Oct./2009

Textile Designer, Product Coordination and Management – Creation and
Jun ‘01 - Oct ‘02
Fio A Fio Handmade Fabrics

Designer responsible to create products for fashion and decoration areas using handmade fabrics

Portuguese - Native
English - Fluent
Spanish - Fluent
French - Basic
Education & Training
UNIFOR - Fortaleza University
‘03 - ‘05
Communication and New Technologies
Dragão do Mar Institute
‘98 - ‘00
Design and Visual Communication
Federal University of Ceará
‘93 - ‘98
Fortaleza - Zone 1, Fortaleza - State of Ceará, Brazil