Ahmed Ali

Highly motivated & adaptable team player. Strong problem-solving skills & excellent communicator.

I excel in customer service, team coordination, and problem-solving from my experience as a steward. I'm adept at handling high-pressure situations and ensuring client satisfaction, making me highly adaptable for dynamic retail environments. Native in English and Somali, with proficiency in Arabic.

Previous Brands
Work Experience
Aug ‘23 - Feb ‘24

Having dealt with crowds for a long time I am now in possession of various skills and competences necessary to handle big occasions. Aside from that, I have indicated my leadership as well as team coordination abilities which lead to smooth running of activities especially when the pressure is high. For me to provide clear instructions and manage group interactions, I must effectively communicate with others. Good at solving problems, I evaluate situations quickly so that I can find solutions that would work within a short period. To be calm in moments of extreme tension helps you to make a reliable and controlled situation. My carefulness about every detail has made this part of crowd management very important while my customer services are aimed at clients’ safety and satisfaction, making all their experiences positive one’s only.

Jul ‘22 - Jun ‘23
Iftin Care

Through working as an academic tutor, my communication skills have been enhanced through clear and concise explanations to students for difficult concepts, as well as active listening to their responses. My interpersonal skills in terms of empathy, patience and collaborating with students have improved through small group work. My problem-solving skills have strengthened in terms of identifying learning obstacles and providing means to overcome them. A significant aspect of my adaptability in terms of teaching methods has been sharpened through catering to students with diverse needs. Effective time management is a key skill that I have mastered through careful planning and prioritisation of tasks in order to effectively juggle them. My subject matter expertise and possessing a leadership role in terms of my mentorship of students and my ability to inspire confidence in students are enhanced.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Department store
Product Category
Cash register
Online orders fulfilment
Returns & Exchanges
Open/closing store
Stockroom management
Product labelling
Ridwaan Mohammed
Worked in the same group - Steward, Showsec
Aug 2023 - Feb 2024

Ahmed Ali has my highest recommendation for the job. Ahmed continuously displayed outstanding problem-solving abilities, a strong work ethic, and professionalism. He demonstrated excellent leadership and the capacity to create a supportive team atmosphere in collaborative initiatives, where he thrived. Ahmed was a pleasure to work with because of his commitment, inventiveness, and excitement, and I have no doubt that he will be a great asset to any company.

English - Native
Somali - Native
Arabic - Work Proficiency
Bulgarian - Basic