Santearna Spencer

I am a creative innovative thinker who finds solutions in complex problems

With robust customer service and communication skills honed at Transport for London, I excel in high-pressure retail environments. Experienced in complaint handling, transactions, and inventory control, I adapt quickly and work effectively with diverse teams to ensure smooth store operations.

Previous Brands
Transport for London
Work Experience
Jun ‘22 - Jul ‘22
Transport for London

Work experience Working in transport for London often involves operating under high pressure situations. Whether it's due to unexpected disruptions, tight deadlines, or high passenger volumes, the ability to remain calm and focused under pressure is crucial. Many roles within the organisation require individuals who can think on their feet, adapt to changing circumstances, and make decisions quickly and confidently. By working in transport for London,I had the opportunity to develop my resilience and problem-solving skills. AsI also did customer service, station control and manager assistance,relating information to passengers, working with colleagues,clear and concise communication is essential. As such, strong communication skills are highly valued . I had the opportunity to develop my communication skills and contribute to the smooth and efficient running of one of the worlds most busiest railway networks.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
High street store
Shopping centre
Department store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Complaint handling
Client Help
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Client Advising
Stockroom management
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Product labelling
Product setup
Delivery processing
Inventory control
Stock control
Open/closing store
Kwasi Ronald
Senior colleague - Customer service , Transport for London
Jun 2022 - Jul 2022

Santearna was a lovely young lady who was willing to try new things . She worked along side me dealing with customers, making announcements and filling out forms . She has a very strong work ethic and is really confident when speaking to customers and other colleagues

English - Fluent
English - Fluent
Education & Training
Barnet and Southgate College
Unknown - ‘24
A Level in Physical Education, biology , business
Kingsford Community School
‘18 - ‘23
GCSE in Maths, sociology, geography, English,science,gcse pe ,