Elisha Wood

Teaching Assistant

I am a dedicated, confident person who is eager to learn and help others. I love the world of fashion as it helps me find my identity in new creative ways. I always try to help people the best I can, whilst communicating effectively and collaborating to achieve a set goal. I am resilient and have gone through so many hardships to come out a better person. I always try my best in order to achieve anything I put my mind to, and I do this with real effort and determination. I find it so fascinating to see how a simple outfit change can help enhance who a person truly is as well as their confidence so they can have the ability to confidently express who they are with no regrets. I will always be a person who enjoys a challenge and is willing to take criticism.

Previous Brands
Hildene Primary School
South Hornchurch Library
Work Experience
Teaching assistant
Jun ‘22 - Jun ‘22
Hildene Primary School

Acting as an aid to support young children in nursery. I loved working with the children as I got to see their personality develop and flourish over the few weeks I worked there. It helped me realise my passion for helping people, as I love to cater toward and see the variety of inspiring and fun personalities they have. • I love exploring new trendy styles, and showing how they can help me boost my confidence, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Jun ‘21 - May ‘21
South Hornchurch Library

Learning to collaborate in a professional, accommodating environment. I committed to my duty by stacking books and cleaning, but this experience also helped me to develop my collaborative skills, working with people in managerial roles as well as my coworkers. Along with this, I would help accommodate people into the library to make them feel welcome and supported when needing help.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
High street store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Complaint handling
Product demos
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Store Maintenance
Stock control
Stockroom management
Product labelling
Product setup