Nikita Zambre

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist | GMB Expert | Social Media Growth | $30K+ Leads Delivered | Talks about Blogging

Experienced Digital Marketing Professional | SEO Specialist | Content Strategist | Lead Generation Expert Welcome to my LinkedIn profile! I am a results-driven digital marketing professional with a passion for optimizing online presence and driving business growth. With expertise in a wide range of skills, including HubSpot, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, content strategy, SEMrush, keyword research, and more, I am dedicated to delivering impactful results in the ever-evolving digital landscape. My skill set includes: πŸ” SEO: On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, SEO Copywriting, Keyword Research, Backlink Building, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz. πŸ“ Content Strategy and Creation: I excel in crafting engaging content that resonates with the target audience, driving traffic, and generating leads. I have a proven track record in creating compelling blog posts, landing pages, and email newsletters. πŸ’Ό Lead Generation: With a strategic mindset and the ability to identify target audiences, I specialize in developing effective lead generation campaigns that maximize conversions and revenue. 🌐 Social Media: I am well-versed in leveraging social media platforms to drive brand awareness, engagement, and customer acquisition. I have a keen eye for identifying emerging trends and implementing social media strategies that resonate with the target audience. πŸ“Š Analytical Skills: I am proficient in analyzing data, tracking key metrics, and making data-driven decisions to optimize marketing campaigns and improve overall performance. 🌐 Web Management: Proficient in WordPress and content management systems, I have hands-on experience in website optimization, user experience, and ensuring an intuitive online presence. Whether it's improving search engine rankings, creating impactful content, or generating qualified leads, I am committed to delivering tangible results through innovative digital marketing strategies. I am constantly learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends to provide my clients with cutting-edge solutions. If you are looking for a dedicated digital marketing professional who can help take your brand to the next level, let's connect! Together, we can drive growth, engage audiences, and achieve digital marketing excellence. #DigitalMarketing #SEO #ContentStrategy #LeadGeneration #SocialMediaMarketing #DataAnalysis #WebManagement

Previous Brands
CREDILA - An HDFC Ltd Company
Nethority Technologies pvt. ltd
Saral Vaastu
Work Experience
Team Lead
May β€˜23 -

SEO Team Lead with a passion for driving organic growth and delivering data-driven results. With a focus on strategic optimization, I specialize in improving search engine rankings, increasing website traffic, and generating quality leads. Let's connect to discuss how I can help your business thrive in the digital landscape. #SEO #OrganicGrowth #DataDrivenOptimization #TeamLead

Senior Web Marketing Executive
Jan β€˜19 - May β€˜23

Reviewed, optimized client sites to improve keyword targeting URL strategies, website architecture and content. Created dynamic SEO strategies to exceed market competitors, meet client needs. Provided detailed reporting and analyses on client website demographics and statistics using Google Analytics. Proofread and edited client content to alleviate errors and improve overall quality. Utilized search engine optimization, emphasized importance of link building. Recommended changes to website, content, linking to improve SEO positions for target keywords. Implemented quality link-building strategies.

Digital Marketing Executive
Jul β€˜16 - Dec β€˜18
Saral Vaastu

Created solution-based execution plans to achieve business goals based on Google Analytics and internal reporting data. Brainstormed content marketing strategies based around goals, existing content and chosen key performance indicators. Directed traffic growth strategies, SEO, content distribution, email marketing and trackbacks. Gathered campaign results and developed reporting dashboard to illustrate campaign effectiveness. Increased brand awareness through creation and management of social media channels, boosting social media engagement Created and distributed monthly SEO reports to notify clients of site traffic, goals and KPIs.

Search Engine Optimization Manager
Aug β€˜13 - Jun β€˜16
CREDILA - An HDFC Ltd Company

Created dynamic SEO strategies to exceed market competitors and meet client needs. Reviewed and optimized client sites to improve keyword targeting URL strategies, website architecture and content. Developed and implemented quality link-building strategies. Coordinated with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles. Tracked, reported and analyzed website analytics to drive strategy and improve user experience. Created content strategies for digital media.

Search Engine Optimization Executive
Nov β€˜11 - Oct β€˜12
Nethority Technologies pvt. ltd

Responsibilities β€’ Conduct keyword research selection for SEO practices β€’ Improve a company’s organic search results β€’ Research, understand and stay up to date on latest search engine algorithms, techniques and trends β€’ Practical hands On Google analytics and Google trends β€’ Write powerful calls-to-action to convert visitors β€’ Generate leads for market research Reports by using digital marketing tactics β€’ Analyze keywords and SEO techniques used by competitors β€’ Work closely with the other team members to meet goals

Education & Training
PVG COE Nashik
β€˜12 - β€˜16
Bachelor's degree in computer
Janata Vidyalaya
β€˜08 - β€˜11
Shree Mahavie Educational Institute of Polytechnic
Pune, Maharashtra, India