Estefania Castrillon

Concierge Operations

As an experienced Concierge at Purple Dragon, I've demonstrated adaptability and professionalism in fast-paced retail environments. With skills in customer service, inventory control, and order preparation, enhanced by my basic proficiency in Spanish and English, I'm equipped to deliver a stellar shopping experience.

Previous Brands
Purple Dragon, Chelsea
Work Experience
Concierge Associate
Sep ‘22 - Now
Purple Dragon, Chelsea

As a Meet and Greet & Cloak Room Attendant at Purple Dragon, I played a pivotal role in creating a seamless and welcoming experience for high-profile members and guests. In this dual role, I was responsible for two distinct yet interconnected aspects of the club's service. Meet and Greet: • First Impressions: Acted as the initial point of contact, ensuring that members and guests were warmly welcomed upon arrival. • Customer Assistance: Provided assistance by offering information about the club's facilities, events, and any other relevant details. Demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each individual. • Professionalism: Maintained a polished and professional appearance, reflecting the exclusive and upscale image of Purple Dragon. Consistently upheld the highest standards of customer service, leaving a lasting positive impression on members and guests. Cloak Room: • Efficient Management: Managed the cloakroom with a keen focus on efficiency and organization. Effectively handled the storage and retrieval of personal belongings, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for members and guests. • Security and Care: Ensured the safekeeping of valuables and personal items. Handled items with the utmost care, understanding the importance of maintaining the security and privacy of the club's clientele. • Attention to Detail: Maintained a meticulous approach to the organization of the cloakroom, optimizing the space available and promptly addressing any member or guest requests related to their belongings. In both roles, I consistently demonstrated adaptability, working effectively in a high-paced environment. My commitment to excellence and strong communication skills allowed me to contribute to the overall positive ambiance of Purple Dragon, contributing to its reputation as a premier family member club.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
High-end luxury
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Product demos
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Store Maintenance
Health & safety
Order preparation
Online orders fulfilment
Stock control
Education & Training
University of Greenwich
‘22 - ‘25
Bachelors Of International Relations and Languages,