Shanice Gitahi

Confident, hard working, compassionate and enthusiastic are a few words i will describe myself as.

I have extensive experience in high-paced customer service from my role at Greggs. I am seeking part-time retail opportunities, bringing flexibility, a strong work ethic, and skills in client help, greeting, order preparation, and store maintenance.

Previous Brands
Greggs-South East London
Work Experience
Team Member
Jan ‘22 - Sep ‘23
Greggs-South East London

I have also worked in the well known british bakery chain Greggs. This 1 year and half experience for me was something I will never forget and it was such an amazing opportunity. From the high paced customer service to the freshly baked food.

Jun ‘21 - Nov ‘21
Allied healthcare mentor-London

This is a 6 months programme where I will be gaining knowledge and understanding on what happens to patients that have different conditions and illnesses. This is one of the first live virtual nhs healthcare careers work experience programme. So far I have enjoyed it and learnt quite a lot during the first session. It has even made me want to do my own research.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Product labelling
Senior colleague - supervisor , Greggs-South East London
Jan 2022 - Sep 2023

Working with Shanice is a pleasure to work, she delivers high quality work and shows reliability and integrity in her role. She is always anle to develop her skills and knowledge and is willing to help all members of the team including management. She adapts well to new and difficult environments and strengthens the team’s productivity. She has a beautiful, positive attitude and a kind spirit which I believe she will carry into her any future role ahead in her career.

English - Fluent
Education & Training
University of Greenwich
‘24 - ‘24
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Prendergast Sixth Form
‘20 - ‘22
health and social care