Abdullah Ziayi

Retail Assistant

With over two years of experience in retail, specialising in payment processing and stock management, I excel in customer service. Fluent in English and Turkish, I adeptly handle complaints, ensuring high satisfaction. My versatility shines in fast-paced environments, working effectively solo or in teams.

Previous Brands
Kefayat Supermarket, Mazar I Sharif
Khujandi Supermarket
Work Experience
Retail Assistant
Feb ‘21 - Jun ‘22
Khujandi Supermarket

A big Supermarket with lots of Products Located in Parwan road, Mazar, Afg and with a high number of customers daily. I was working as Retail assistant with a group of other employees for more than a year as part time job beside my studies.

Jan ‘17 - Jul ‘18
Kefayat Supermarket, Mazar I Sharif

These supermarkets are the only one which got branch at any part of Afghanistan which imports majority of their products from Turkey. I was working as a Cashier at one of their branches which was Located near my House. • Outline • Processed cash and card payments during busy shopping periods to minimize customer waiting times. • Advised customers on optimal product selection to simplify purchasing decisions. • Completed sales efficiently using Point of Sale (POS) system. • Addressed and resolved complex customer complaints in calm, efficient, and friendly manner. • Kept sufficient inventory supply and stock on shelves and in storerooms. • Performed closing duties such as cleaning windows and floors, securing shop premises and cashing up tills. • Efficiently completed shop floor duties autonomously and in team setting. • Assessed customer needs through clear communication, anticipating and responding appropriately to queries. • Maintained clean, tidy, and organized checkout areas. • Designed digital and print materials to engage • Checked Notes carefully to spot counterfeit currency • Assisted customers with finding items, completing exchanges, and obtaining refunds. • Created welcoming environment by greeting customers in line with best store practices. • Processed product returns to maximise customer satisfaction.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Work Environment
Shopping centre
High street store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Watches & Jewelry
Leather goods
Complaint handling
Client Help
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Product setup
Inventory control
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
Open/closing store
Health & safety
Education & Training
University of Ulster
Master of International Business