Chinyere Ishionwu



Chinyere Ishionwu


Current Location

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Chinyere is available for work

I graduated from Afe Babalola University in Nigeria. I attended a one year mandatory service and taught as a teacher during my time. I am a makeup artist and singer.

  • Brands Chinyere has worked with
    • Sleekbella Cosmetics /
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Open to relocation

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Open to Part-time work

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  • Hourly Consulting


Sleekbella Cosmetics /

Jan 2021 - Present

1. Championed successful business models and strategic plans, achieving 90% revenue growth over 5 years. 2. Steered operations by establishing clear mission and organizational vision. 3. Built and led...

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  • Literature


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  • Digital Copywriting


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