Lizzette Ramirez



Lizzette Ramirez

Marketing & Business Manager

Current Location

Paris, France

Lizzette is available for work

Marketing enthusiast with 5 years of experience in various sectors, equipping me with broad strategic thinking. I am doer, highly independent, adaptable, tenacious and a fast learner. Thanks to my international background I am well-prepared to deliver in multicultural teams and bolster my problem solving in Spanish, English and French.

  • Brands Lizzette has worked with
    • Akator Construction, Llc
    • Kia Motors México
    • Totalplay
    • La Castellana
    • Comparex México
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  • Permanent Positions

Marketing & Business Manager

Akator Construction, Llc

Aug 2020 - Present

• Plan strategies, and execute marketing initiatives for business growth.
• Create and scheduled content for the brand's social media profiles.
• Follow up with clients in the different contact plat...

Marketing Analysist & Sales Trainer

Kia Motors México

Sep 2017 - Aug 2018

• Developed and defended local media plans and campaigns.
• Organized and coordinated events (FIFA sponsors, trade shows).
• Expanded market & social networks' ad strategies.
• Negotiated with impo...

Marketing Coordinator


Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

• Implemented strategic and operative plans independently.
• Improved brand awareness, market share, and identification of new opportunities.

Event Coordinator

La Castellana

Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

• Organized large wine tasting and pairing events (100+).
• Promoted large-scale sales (tailored VIP customer service), and follow-up of orders.
• Received skillful wine tasting and food pairing tra...

Marketing Consultant

Comparex México

Sep 2014 - Oct 2015

Demand generation of prospects and customers, logistics and coordination of events

  • Marketing


  • Marketing Strategy


  • Multi-task & Handle High-volume Workloads


  • Problem Solving


  • Teamwork


  • Analysis Reports

  • Reports Analysis

  • Attention to Detail



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