Dorcas Shoffy

Operational Specialist @Harrods | Learner about Communications so you don't have to | Problem Solving

With extensive experience in high-end retail, notably at Harrods, Funmi excels in luxury personal shopping and sales enhancement, leading to significant in-store sales increases. Skilled in customer service, Funmi adapts swiftly to diverse retail environments, aiming to surpass team goals with expertise in clientele advising and transaction management.

Previous Brands
City of London
MODELS Whitechapel Studios
The May Fair Hotel –Edwardian Hotels
Work Experience
Events Assistant
May ‘23 - Aug ‘23
The May Fair Hotel –Edwardian Hotels

Project Assistant
Sep ‘21 - Nov ‘21
City of London

Duties and Key Responsibilities: Exceptional Project Manager leading project plans and organizing tasks, people, and resources to increase completion deadline project on time and within the specified budget. Duties include creating a project plan and managing the staff and resources for the project finalized within the expenditure. • Communicating and reporting to senior management and the client to ensure they are meeting their goals. • Drawing up plans for the different stages of the project. • Negotiate with suppliers and contractors. • Using specialized software to cost, plan and analyze the project's risks.

Studio Assistant
Mar ‘21 - May ‘21
MODELS Whitechapel Studios

Work at an artist-run, label studio, supporting 5 staff with studio maintenance and basic business administration. Key responsibilities: • Prepare and distribute deliveries for use by models. • Restock and organize the stock room with materials following deliveries of props, tools and other equipment and complete regular stock checks and creating new orders. • Pack and unpack the digital booking system, checking the schedule for imperfections that can cause overlapping schedules for the models. • Assist models in the studio booking, Adhoc.

Sales Associate
Jan ‘21 - Apr ‘23

Head Office, Harrods Analyse and interpret national and local data, alongside using research and Harrods Website inspection, to update policies, practices, expectations, targets, and luxury personal shopping methods. Set clear targets for customer inquiries the expected targets achieved and the quality of response with a natural tone the same for each customer. Within Harrods department, I was able to: Devised and implemented a positive attitude and effective sales progression, leading to consistently achieving the established sales and new customers to purchase twice as much merchandise, resulting in a 50% increase in the department's sales. Formulated and executed compelling seasonal promotions, resulting in over 40% increase in-store sales for five consecutive months in the year 2020-2021. Expert customer and retail intern offering experience in retail customer service and digital transaction sales. focused on exceeding team goals and increasing morale in a new and challenging environment Key responsibilities: • Prepared and delivered customer loyalty cards across a range of brands with Customer service on the second floor. • Ensured luxury personal shopping remained in line with the Harrods standard whilst tailored to the shop floor, newly refurbished departments, and offices. • Work collaboratively with a team of 8 other sales associates to decide strategic sales solutions to achieve and exceed the department's monthly sales goods. • Proficient in cash management on transactional services. • Conceptualized and enforced a customer loyalty program that prompted both existing and new consumers to purchase twice as much, resulting in an increase in the department's sales. • On-site Harrods Superbrands locations included Harrods Superbrands: • Issey Miyake Ladieswear Loewe RTW Louis Vuitton Menswear • Prada Menswear • Ermenegildo Zegna Chanel RTW Dior Menswear • Balenciaga Menswear • Amiri Fashion Lab.

Assistant Production Manager
Oct ‘18 - Oct ‘18

Sales Assistant
Feb ‘17 - Dec ‘18

Working for a retail department store and fashion retail outlet, reporting to the store Manager. Responsible for advising customers and processing sales across all products and services. • Great news and existing customers, tailoring services and selecting appropriate products to meet their needs and expectations. Key Achievements/Projects: • Achieved up to 110% of target and held the record for highest festive seasonal sale month in the store's 10-year history, • Designed the spring 2017 in-store display which led to store acknowledgement Fashion & Home Co store in the UK.

Camera Assistant
Jun ‘14 - Jul ‘14

Freelance interview production crew member with both on-set and office experience. Extensive experience using Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightwork, camera, and equipment, as well as an in-depth understanding of Adobe Creative Suite.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Flagship store
Product Category
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Returns & Exchanges
Online orders fulfilment
Client Advising
Product labelling
Order preparation
Store Maintenance
English - Fluent
Education & Training
University of Leicester
‘17 - ‘20
Media Studies and Communications,
University of Leicester
Unknown - ‘20
Bachelor of Arts
‘21 - ‘21
Fashion Design,