Heidi Becker



Heidi Becker

Senior Executive - Development/Sourcing/Production - Leathergoods & Accessories at Luxury & Contemporary Brands - Europe & US

Current Location

Paris, France

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Seasoned product development executive in the luxury and contemporary sector and wide reaching relationships with creatives throughout the world. Having nearly 20 years experience building brands leather goods and accessories collections, along with an extensive network of partners spanning the globe. Focused on strategy, budget objectives and sustainability throughout the process from design inception to delivery ensuring integrity and quality in all final products.

  • Brands Heidi has worked with
    • Luxury & Contemporary Brands - Europe & Us
    • Pied Rougia Paris
    • Simon Miller
    • CARVEN
    • Kenzo Mode
    • Tory Burch
  • Heidi's past titles
    • Executive Consultant
    • Founding Partner
    • Sourcing Consultant
    • Sourcing Consultant
    • Merchandising Director
    • Director Of Product Design
    • Collection Director
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Open to Full time or Part time work

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Consultant - Development / Sourcing / Production - Leathergoods & Accessories

Luxury & Contemporary Brands - Europe & Us

Jan 2019 - Now

Supported significant growth in the leathergoods through development of global partner network and product needs. Participated in the strategic plans to successfully achieve aggressive growth project...

Managing Director

Pied Rougia Paris

Jun 2018 - Now

Collection Director - Accessories


Nov 2021 - Now

Consultant - Leathergoods Sourcing and Development

Simon Miller

Oct 2019 - May 2020

Consultant Accessories Strategy - Sourcing - Development (Leathergoods + Shoes)


Sep 2019 - Mar 2020


Priscila Spring

Head of Design - Leather goods / Shoes / Accessories - Mens&Womens, KENZO Mode

Senior colleague

Heidi arrived at Kenzo as the Head of development but in my opinion she brought much more than that to the table. Her personal taste level, incredible eye, understanding of product and knowledge of the design process makes her stand out from what the job description entails. Heidi immediately became close to the Design team and was always able to propose and find solutions to Design problems. At the same time she is able to nurture strong relationships with suppliers which makes her the perfect ally in any company structure. Her understanding of the market and awareness of current events in this changing World; plus her international experience makes her one of the best. Efficiency, intelligence and Fun would be the 3 words I would use to sum up Heidi. I still miss working with her!

Daphne Cousineau

CEO/President, CARVEN

Direct manager

Heidi was strongly recommended to us by the head designer hired at Carven to lead the free-lance team in charge of the design and development of the first CARVEN collections produced under its new ownership. She has a unique and very valuable set of skills and expertise, allowing her to own the entire development process across categories (leather goods, shoes...). She is particularly effective thanks to her lovely interpersonal skills and ability to gain the trust and interact constructively with creative talent as well as top management. She also has extensive knowledge of the top providers and factories in her area, allowing her to advise the correct selection to meet the brand's quality as well as technical requirements in respect of target margins. I would hire her again anytime and recommend her without reserve.

  • Fashion


  • Luxury Goods


  • Product Development


  • Fashion Design

  • Apparel

  • Trend Analysis

  • Merchandising

  • Brand Development




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