Munir Bakht

Sales Assistant

With a solid foundation in retail, honed at ZARA and Boots Opticians, I excel in fast-paced environments, balancing customer service with sales targets. Skilled in various aspects of retail from client advising to stock control, my experience spans high street to luxury segments, demonstrating versatility and commitment to excellence in every task.

Previous Brands
Newham Sixth Form College
Work Experience
Sales Assistant
Jan ‘21 - Aug ‘23

• Made significant contributions to team success, emphasising teamwork and a strong career focus, while actively engaging in problem-solving. • Received manager accolades for composure and efficiency in fast-paced environments, demonstrating adaptability, determination, and effective problem-solving. • Demonstrated the ability to handle demanding situations while ensuring customer satisfaction and team success, reflecting the required drive and determination. • Skilfully balanced customer interactions and task prioritisation, ensuring both sales goals and daily responsibilities were accomplished, showcasing effective multitasking skills

Project Management
Dec ‘21 - Feb ‘22
Newham Sixth Form College

• Collaborated on a workflow optimisation project, enhancing project management and teamwork skills. Honed ability to work harmoniously in dynamic teams, contributing to project success. Demonstrating effective communication and project management skills. • Demonstrates commitment to accuracy and precision in tasks Demonstrated ability to identify issues and develop innovative solutions. • Applied analytical thinking to complex project challenges, leading to informed decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Phone technician
Jan ‘21 - Aug ‘21

• Proficient in diagnosing and resolving diverse phone-related problems. • Specialised expertise in addressing battery issues, camera malfunctions, and common smartphone ailments. • Expanded technical knowledge through practical application. • Enhanced customer service skills by efficiently addressing customer concerns. • Committed to delivering effective and satisfying solutions to enhance user experience. Self-Taught building and repair PC • Building/Repairing PC: Assembling a gaming PC from scratch, selecting components, wiring connections, and troubleshooting issues. • Developed strong problem-solving abilities by overcoming hardware and software challenges during PC projects. • Refining attention to detail in component assembly and software configuration. • Knowledge of Computer Hardware and Software gained expertise in computer hardware and software through hands-on experience. Additional Experience

Boots Optician Sales Assistant
Mar ‘20 - Apr ‘20
Boots Opticians

• Demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills, aligning with the need for effective verbal and written communication. Adaptability to diverse customer needs and preferences. • Exceeded sales targets consistently, delivering a superior shopping experience, a testament to a commitment to excellence. Possessed profound product knowledge, indicating the ability to assimilate new information quickly.

Experienced Categories
High street
High-end luxury
Experienced Work Environments
Shopping centre
High street store
Travel retail
Experienced Product Categories
Leather goods
Watches & Jewelry
Beauty & Fragrances
Client Help
Complaint handling
Client Advising
Cash register
Online orders fulfilment
Product setup
Product labelling
Stockroom management
Stock control
Order preparation
Education & Training
Newham Sixth Form college:2022-2024-PREDICTED
BTEC Level 3 Cyber Security:
Newham Sixth Form College
‘21 - ‘22
BTEC Level 2 IT:
Brampton Manor Academy
‘16 - ‘21