Chamath Keshara Sandeepa Warahena Liyanage



Chamath Keshara Sandeepa Warahena Liyanage

Product Development Specialist

Current Location

Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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Dear Dweet team,

My enthusiasm for fashion steered me towards a career path in Textile and Clothing Engineering. I subsequently pursued a Masters in Milan, specializing in Brand and Product Management with the hope of being a part of the global fashion industry, with the view to contributing my knowledge and expertise to leading fashion brands.

During my Textile and Clothing Engineering studies, I specialized in natural and synthetic fibers, yarn manufacturing, fabric development including knitting and weaving technologies, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, printing and finishing, garment treatments, chemical and physical quality testing and quality management.

In addition, I have a solid understanding of the construction of garments and I amassed experience of following product development from design to production as well as experience of working with International and Italian fashion brands.

Masters studies have helped me to expand my knowledge on research methods for fashion trends, global brands and products analysis, risk analysis, fashion projects management as well as capsule collection development. I have successfully completed individual field projects and group field projects where I have efficiently collaborated with the groups of people from multicultural backgrounds. I also led the teams confidently and strategically to achieve the goals collectively.

Furthermore, I have great communications skills and am fluent in written and spoken English. I am also capable of communicating effectively in Italian.

I am very passionate about traveling for business purposes. I possess an Italian Republic Identity Card, Residence/Work Permit and Driving License.

I am responsible, resourceful and reliable. I have excellent organizational skills and am a keen problem solver who enjoys adapting to new challenges and environments, which are improved through academics, industrial experience as well as being a passionate sportsman.

I have experience of managing work on-time with tight deadlines within the fast-paced fashion environment.

Hence I am very inspired and motivated to share how I will build upon my experiences so far to be a great fit for a exciting Italian fashion house.

Yours sincerely,

Chamath Keshara

Galleria Buenos Aires, 02,
20124 Milano (MI)
Mobile: (+39) 3278930730

  • Brands Chamath Keshara Sandeepa has worked with
    • Versace
    • Decathlon Italia
    • Yamamay
    • Calvin Klein
    • Victoria's Secret
  • Chamath Keshara Sandeepa's past titles
    • Product Development Specialist
    • Production Specialist
    • Research And Development Engineer
    • Product Specialist
    • Product Development Technologist
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Product Development Specialist


Jun 2022 - Nov 2022

- Participating in design meetings with the style office, collecting style inputs and preparing Tech Packs (definition of styles in terms of fabrics/materials, workmanship, colors/prints and fit) for ...

Quality, Industrialization & Production Leader

Decathlon Italia

Mar 2022 - May 2022

- Guarantee the industrialization phases of new yarns (specifically Natural Yarn- Wool) in compliance with project requirements, costs and production lead times of semi-finished and finished products ...

Research & Development Engineer


Feb 2018 - Dec 2021

- Interaction with the Product Managers, Purchasing/Production/Quality Teams and Supply Chains through all stages of fabrics and materials research and development ensuring aesthetic and qualitative s...

Executive Garment Technologist

Calvin Klein

Oct 2015 - Dec 2016

- Patterns development from initial proto to bulk (using Gerber- AccuMark) and creating measurement charts and graded patterns.

- Inspect garment stitching, construction and measurements, prepare Ope...

Product Development Technologist

Victoria's Secret

Apr 2015 - Oct 2015

- Create Bill of Materials (BOM) and Operation Breakdown using PLM.

- Prototype/Fit/Color samples development, quality inspection of samples and provide feedback during sample making process.

- Send...

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Work Proficiency

Politecnico di Milano

Master in Fashion Direction

Brand & Product Management

2017 to 2018

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Bachelor of the Science of Engineering

Textile and Clothing Technology

2010 to 2015

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