Ritika Majumdar

Customer Service & Sales Coordinator

Customer-centric and results-driven professional with over 3 years of experience in high-growth, client-facing roles in the retail industry. Proven expertise in account management, analytical skills, customer support, and relationship building. Adept at providing exceptional customer service to drive client satisfaction and retention. Experienced in working with clients in UK, EU, and US markets, with a strong commitment to performing at high standards and long-term value creation. Right to work in the UK.

Previous Brands
CM Delta Ltd
Target Corporation
Work Experience
Customer Service Cordinator
Jun ‘23 - Now
CM Delta Ltd

In my role as a Customer Service Coordinator, I am the primary point of contact, managing customer relationships from onboarding to training, ensuring high satisfaction and retention. I handle crucial product data, price lists and order confirmations, utilizing data analysis to recommend inventory adjustments and enhance customer sell-through. My proactive approach involves identifying process improvements, optimizing the customer journey globally, and translating complex data into actionable strategies. I excel in fostering operational efficiency and driving customer-focused initiatives. Key Skills: Account Management, Sales Strategy, Sales and Inventory Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management

Wholesale Assistant
Aug ‘22 - Jun ‘23

My responsibilities included cultivating existing and expanding relationships with key retail partners, and overseeing critical project management with meticulous precision. I executed sales operations expertly, managing sales orders and invoices while liaising adeptly with buyers and factories for seamless order execution. My data-driven approach extended to managing Netsuite uploads, conducting incisive sales analyses, and identifying prime reorder opportunities. I played a pivotal role in deriving sales reports and analyzing key metrics to ensure targets were achieved, thus keeping us on top of commercial awareness. My expertise in decoding complex market dynamics, conducting competitor analyses, and pinpointing product development prospects significantly bolstered Skinnydip Brand's growth and market standing, making my contribution highly impactful. Key skills: Sales Reporting and Analysis, Commercial Awareness, Critical Path Management, Product Upload, EDI Portal Management, Strategic Sales Prospecting

Senior Specialist Visual Merchandising
Mar ‘20 - Aug ‘21
Target Corporation

I spearheaded a comprehensive teardown project across 800 stores while simultaneously mentoring a new team member in execution and proofing techniques. I took charge of analyzing sales and commitment data, incorporating market insights, and brainstorming opportunities to create impactful sales reports. Additionally, I adeptly utilized space planning tools to design and support the execution of Adjacencies and Planograms, optimizing space and displays effectively. My collaborative approach extended globally, working closely with cross-functional teams and partners in the United States and India to accomplish project objectives, including markdowns and replenishments, driving business growth across all channels. One of my notable accomplishments includes devising and implementing a strategy that saved over 20 hours of execution time weekly by reducing planogram design duration by more than 5 minutes. Key Skills: Space Planning and Design, Cross-Functional Collaboration, Sales Analysis, Market Insight

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
Product Category
Client Help
Complaint handling
Cash register
Client Advising
Online orders fulfilment
Product labelling
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Stock control
Delivery processing
Product setup
Order preparation
English - Native
Hindi - Native
Education & Training
University of Birmingham,UK
‘21 - ‘22
Master of Science
Christ University l
‘09 - ‘12
Bachelors in Business Administration [Finance and International Business]