Banuja Raman

Extremely hardworking & a good team player. I have the continuous motivation to learn & grow in any work environment.

With nearly 2 years at Barbour, I've developed expertise in sales, inventory management, and customer service. Fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese, I excel in enhancing customer interactions and adapting to diverse retail environments with a passion for luxury menswear and womenswear.

Previous Brands
BARBOUR (The Highlands Store), Duke St. & Regent St.
Work Experience
SENIOR SALES ASSISTANT (Cashier, Inventory, Store Operations & Junior VM)
Nov ‘21 - Now
BARBOUR (The Highlands Store), Duke St. & Regent St.

• Started by researching about the brand, reading and understanding every aspect. Learnt the detailed history, all names/models and the distinct features of every item which is necessary to communicate back to the customers, ensuring that it meets their requirements, be it size, fit or function, and for all queries to be answered which secures a sale. Also styling the customers by showing additional products that fits their attire and elevates their appearance and interest in the brand. Informing the customers about the essential care intended for the items and the term and conditions in regard to warranty and refund/exchange policies. • After probation and gaining the confidence of my Manager and Supervisor, progressed to learn the role of a Cashier with an extensive knowledge in using POS systems, opening and closing. • Familiar in Stock and Inventory management – receiving and managing deliveries from supplier/warehouse. Responsible to scan in and record the details of the shipments and organizing the paperwork for Head Office. Assigned to also transfer and scan out items between the stores and warehouse, following the necessary procedures and categorising the paperwork. In addition to this, I maintain stock organisation, track all products in and out of the store stockrooms and replenish particular items in the front of the house ensuring the floor looks fully stocked and efficient. In charge of the classification of faulty items, scanning out and arranging the paperwork for the company records and passing on the information to supplier with continuous communications. When approved, items will be packaged correctly with the paperwork for it to be sent back to the supplier. • Good understanding of basic CRM - providing customers with services and support to ensure their satisfaction. 1-2-1 dealings with customers regarding the re-waxing and repair services and advice, recording all the necessary details to contact them (text and email) at a later date for collection. If delivery is required, it is necessary to email the customers about the next steps for shipping as well as the tracking and delivery details. After collection, following up with the customer via email in regards to customer satisfaction with our services. Providing a service to fulfil customer requests in item(s) they wish to purchase, ordering the desired item(s) and proceeding to contacting them once arriving into the store for a future purchase secured for the store. • Took an extended role and interest in assisting the Visual Merchandiser in arranging product displays and fixtures, ensuring promoted items are easily accessible, and building rapport and relationships with product supplier. Also assisted the Manager/Supervisor and Visual Merchandiser with window changes, constructing props and displays, styling and placing the mannequins of all genders, ensuring the entire shop floor follows the intended story/theme.

Retail Experience
Retail Category
Work Environment
High street store
Product Category
Client Advising
Returns & Exchanges
Cash register
Inventory control
Stockroom management
Open/closing store
Store Maintenance
Stock control
Delivery processing
Product labelling
Product setup
Education & Training
Aston University
‘15 - ‘19
Bachelor of Science
Havering Sixth Form College
‘11 - ‘13
B's in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry
‘06 - ‘11
11 grade A - C,