Maya Pemberton-Johnson

Service Crew

With a background in customer service from roles at McDonald's and Swiss Butter, I've developed strong retail skills including client help, upselling, order preparation, and store operations. Known for handling high-pressure situations, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Proficient in English.

Work Experience
Jul ‘23 - Dec ‘23
Swiss Butter

My main responsibility as a waitress was welcoming and seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and in addition, memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks.

Jan ‘23 - May ‘23
Princess of Wales

Responsibilities: • Prepared and cooked meals in accordance with recipes, menus, and food safety regulations • Maintained kitchen equipment and inventory of food and supplies • Trained and supervised kitchen staff, including delegation of tasks and ensuring quality control Achievements: • Developed and implemented a new menu that successfully increased sales by 20% • Received multiple compliments from customers and management on the taste and presentation of dishes

Kitchen Assistant
Nov ‘22 - Nov ‘23

1 year of experience Responsibilities: • Maintained cleanliness and orderliness of kitchen area • Assisted in food preparation and plating • Operated and maintained kitchen equipment and tools Achievements: • Successfully executed on-time delivery of meals to customers • Received positive feedback for culinary skills and teamwork from kitchen staff and management

Service Crew / Waiter
Jul ‘22 - Nov ‘22

Responsibilities: • Supervised tables and ensured customer satisfaction • Took orders and served food and drinks promptly • Maintained cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant Achievements: • Successfully handled a high-pressure situation when the restaurant was understaffed • Consistently received positive feedback from customers on service and professionalism

Food Runner
Apr ‘22 - Jun ‘22
Barge East

Responsibilities: • Delivered food to customers promptly, efficiently, and accurately • Communicated with kitchen staff to ensure correct orders were delivered • Maintained a clean and organized work environment Achievements: • Consistently received positive feedback from customers for excellent service • Successfully trained new food runners on proper procedures and techniques, leading to increased efficiency in the restaurant's operations Experience Summary Years of Experience 0 1 2 3 4 5 or more

Retail Experience
Retail Category
High street
Client Help
Order preparation
Open/closing store