Eugenio Olabe



Eugenio Olabe

My career and professional journey as Managing Director of multinational companies in several countries has given me a unique perspective and a multifaceted and multicultural appreciation of the challenges faced by organizations and the people who make them up. I am currently involved in projects in which my skills converge with the people who compose them, and the objective of creating sustainable value through innovation.

Current Location

Barcelona, Spain

Eugenio is available for work

Successful providing innovative transformation and operation strategies for high-profile organizations. Energetic, ambitious, and results-oriented Seasoned Executive & Business Branding Strategist with more than 20-year career, positioning solutions as drivers to accelerate revenues, market share, and profitability. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP & PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHTS ➢ Define and clarify organizational vision, mission, having critical thinking and knowledge of the digital landscape, as enablers to transform business while aligning all stakeholders. ➢ Acquired a set of competencies and leadership skills to conceptualized, lead and deployed marketing, stored design, new retail formats, sourcing and supply chain strategies at international scale and group level, in addition to the overall company P&L. ➢ Outstanding international business and retail operations background underpinned by more than 20 years in strategic business planning, development, and innovative initiatives that resulted in significant growth in revenues and profitability. Company average turnover USD $70M, average EBIT growth 37%, average head counts 1.500, average stores 250. ➢ Quadrilingual in Spanish (native), English (advanced), Italian (advanced), and French (intermediate)

  • Brands Eugenio has worked with
    • ISDI
    • UNOde50
    • Primadonna Collection
    • Bata Group
  • Eugenio's past titles
    • Laboratory Coordinator
    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • International Brand Manager
    • Managing Director
    • Director Of Brand Management
    • Managing Director
    • Managing Director
    • Buying Director
    • Buyer
Work Preference
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Open to relocation

Work Pattern

Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
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  • Permanent Positions

Lab Coordinator. Mentor´s Coordinator for Executives


Jan 2020 - Now

DIGITAL SCHOOL Product Owner (PO) for DIBEX and ODIBEX programs
➢Act as PO for the backbone projects senior executives develop during their programs Lab Coordinator. Mentor´s Coordinator for Executiv...

Global Chief Customer Experience Officer


Jan 2022

PREMIUM JEWELLERY APAC International Business Development
➢Expanding the global present with reputable partners. Global Chief Customer Experience Officer
➢Build the Retail Timeline-Strategy, fosteri...


Primadonna Collection

Jan 2018 - Jan 2020

Formalized the strategic business plan with three key phases, restructuring, stabilizing and growth.
➢Lead all company aspects during Covid-19, achieving €0,8M cost savings, and opening new business...

Managing Director

Jan 2015 - Jan 2017

Tackle the challenge of balancing and aligning the company expenditures along with the pace of the country's rapid economic growth. 3,5% annual company EBIT growth.
➢Rectified more than $4M of inves...

Global Retailer

Bata Group

Jan 1997 - Jan 2017

  • Cross-cultural Communication Skills


  • Cross-functional Team Leadership


  • Business Strategy


  • Strategic Thinking


  • Leadership


  • Design Thinking


  • Agile Leadership









Work Proficiency

Not specified.

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