Harsh Shah

Retail Assistant and Customer Service

With a proven track record as a Sales Assistant at The Flair of Trend, I've successfully hit sales targets and elevated customer experiences through strong product knowledge and visual merchandising skills. My flexibility and dedication make me an ideal candidate for any retail environment.

Previous Brands
9EX International
Nexplace Info Pvt. Ltd.
Phalna Shipping Agencies Private Limited
The Flair of Trend
Work Experience
Retail Assistant and Customer Support Executive
Apr ‘21 - Dec ‘22
The Flair of Trend

• Contributed to sales efforts, achieving 100% of target in the first 6 months of operation and maintaining 72% over a year. • Delivered exceptional customer service, promptly addressing inquiries and ensuring a positive shopping experience. • Supported sales by providing product knowledge and engaging in visual merchandising to enhance store appeal. • Maintained store presentation and operations, including inventory management and cashier duties.

Business Development Executive
Mar ‘20 - Mar ‘21
Nexplace Info Pvt. Ltd.

• Responsible for identifying potential growth opportunities and market niches • Contributed to sales efforts, achieving 100% of target in the first three months of operation and maintaining 72% over a year. • Amid a pandemic assisted them in expanding iCanRefer, a startup, in the market • To accomplish my goals, I worked with high-net-worth companies by utilizing my adept negotiation abilities.

Crypto and Stock market Analyst
Mar ‘19 - Jan ‘20
9EX International

• Analysed financial markets to identify trends, patterns, and investment opportunities for clients. This was done with the help of technical and fundamental analysis. • In the realm of digital assets, I assessed digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies, and Nfts. • Additionally, I looked at news influencing the cryptocurrency industry, market cycles, market capitalization, and upcoming trend in the market. Providing recommendations and investment strategies to clients and educating investors about market trends and investment strategies.

Sales, Marketing and Documentation
Feb ‘15 - Feb ‘16
Phalna Shipping Agencies Private Limited

• Responsible for preparing and filing the necessary documentation to clear goods through customs. This includes submitting bills of entry, shipping bills, and other required documents. • Also handled the supply chain management i.e. logistics of transporting goods to and from ports, including arranging for transportation, warehousing, and cargo insurance. • Undertook the core basis of supply chain management and helped the company easy its process by eliminating additional costs

Education & Training
Queen Mary University of London
‘23 - ‘24
MSc Blockchain in Business and Society
Garware Institute of Career education and development
‘21 - ‘23
Diploma in Custom Clearing and Freight Forwarding
‘21 - ‘21
Diploma in Crypto currency
Mediterranean College, / University of Derby
‘18 - ‘19
Bachelor of Arts