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Finance Assistant | General Administration | Financial and Banking Ana

Bilingual (Portuguese and English) | vanborges.uk@gmail.com | +44 900 7368531383 Bilingual professional (Portuguese and English) with a Hons Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I also Post Graduated in Public Administration with ten years of experience in finance, working for Brazilian banks, where I developed general administration skills, including customer service, working directly with clients, opening accounts, paying government benefits, analysing, and requesting approval of mortgages, accounts coordination and more. I have a record of success in the financial market, including my ability to negotiate, propose and implement solutions for the company and clients, upsell products and increase brand awareness. I'm a goal-oriented professional, always aiming to increase client satisfaction and find room for improvement in procedures to reduce costs and increase sales turnover. I recently used these transferable skills working as a sales assistant in the retail industry. My results-driven mindset enabled me to reach important company and personal targets throughout the years, building well-founded work relationships and developing and empowering team members, which positively impacted the expansion of my organisational and leadership skills, including HR management with a collaborative approach. Career Highlights ● Providing essential consultative support and building key client relationships through practical interpersonal, organisational, and communication abilities. ● Tracking the stock inventory and ensuring the stocks have minimal discrepancies helps reduce store inventory costs by up to 5% per month. ● Organising more than 1K items daily, controlling and reporting stock levels, displaying the goods on the shop floor, and ensuring the shop ran smoothly daily. ● Enhanced sales performance by developing strong customer relationships, analysing each customer portfolio and understanding their needs, and building a sales strategy by combining products and services offered by the bank, such as life insurance, car financing, personal loans, and investment options, increasing sales by 15%. ● Promoted throughout the years after excelling on all tasks related to my position, demonstrating my capability of taking responsibility and proactivity. I'm always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just exciting professionals, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to connect. ✔LION™ - LinkedIn Open Networker

Previous Brands
Caixa Econômica Federal
CCE Brasil
Caixa Econômica Federal
Caixa Econômica Federal
Work Experience
Sales Associate
Mar ‘22 - Dec ‘22

● Working alongside a team of 15 members, participating in results from daily performance, acting professionally, effectively, and friendly towards the customers. ● Identifying problems and shortfalls and proposing solutions. Analysing the daily routine and producing insights to optimise sales performance, like separating the items not performing well to send to another shop or back to Spain. ● Demonstrating adaptability while working with different teams with people from different nationalities increased my ability to make decisions under pressure and tight deadlines. Also, it increased my multicultural understanding, expanding my ability to communicate assertively as part of a team, completing daily tasks and reaching the company's goals. ● Organising more than 1K items daily, controlling and reporting stock levels, displaying the goods on the shop floor, and ensuring the shop ran smoothly daily. ● Developed strong communication skills, dealing with clients, staff members, and other stakeholders, solving problems and constraints, providing practical solutions, and contributing to staff motivation. ● Reducing the rework in the folding area by up to 20%, ensuring the box with folded clothes would be kept like that after they were sent to the shop floor. Show less

Retail Salesworker
Apr ‘21 - Nov ‘21

● I developed higher customer service skills already acquired in my previous roles, dealing with clients and giving recommendations based on their needs. ● Ensured the displaying of products on the shelves according to expiration dates, respecting the principle "FIFO", first in, first out and reducing the loss of products with an expiration date. ● Designed a combined sales plan by having complementary products close to each other, increasing sales by 13%. ● Received 100% positive feedback from customers for service excellence. ● Updated sales reports to ensure all lead products were in stock, replenished them in strategic areas and increased monthly sales turnover. Show less

Bank Analyst
Sep ‘16 - Dec ‘20
Caixa Econômica Federal

● Enhanced sales performance by developing strong customer relationships, analysing each customer portfolio and understanding their needs, and building a sales strategy by combining products and services offered by the bank, such as life insurance, car financing, personal loans, and investment options, increasing upsell by 15%. ● I was named assistant manager when my line manager was absent, with the autonomy to make business decisions, such as providing credit increases, managing a team of three people, and approving requests from team members and all related roles. ● I gained extensive experience in processing mortgage applications, where I was responsible for conducting interviews, collecting documentation to prove regular income and financial capability, conducting surveys and closing the deal. ● Adapted the actual procedure by adding a checklist of documents for mortgage applications, reducing the time of analysis and approval of the financing by up to 15 days. ● Carried out credit risk analysis for granting personal loans, car financing and credit cards, decreasing losses for the bank by 12%. ● Achieved 100% performance on KPIs, including additional product sales, such as life insurance, private pension, and residential insurance, for four consecutive semesters, becoming part of the "High-Performance Sales Team". ● Became a reference in the sale of credit cards, increasing loyalty by up to 20% of customers that previously would have only current accounts. Show less

Administrative Assistant
Jun ‘13 - Sep ‘16
Caixa Econômica Federal

● Assisted General Manager with Human Resources activities such as organising holidays schedules, leaves, pensions and onboarding processes, including induction and training. ● Acting in determining the training demands of the sales and service departments for the branch's employees and its organisation to ensure all staff members were aware of procedures, reducing errors by 20%. ● Attended Official Consumer Protection Associations, providing advice on customer complaints and ensuring the problems were sorted before going to court or damaging the bank's reputation. ● Managed the accounts payable, including petty cash, and essential bills, such as rent, council tax, electricity, stationary and contractors for minor repairs or general maintenance, always keeping cost control up to date and within the budget. ● Promoted to the position of Assistant Agency after excelling on all tasks described above, demonstrating my capability of taking responsibility and proactivity. ● Coordinated the HR and all related roles for 5o employees, such as holidays, absenteeism control, retirement, team member turnover, recruitment, selection, induction, scheduling training and more. ● Analysed customer complaints with the consumer protection officers and issued reports solving them and proving compliance with the standards, keeping the agency without penalty and with 100% of the target realised. ● Managed inventory control of stationary and other essential materials and reduced by 5% the consumption of those items. ● Found a better deal for the printer hire contract, finding a supplier that offered more efficient printers at a lower rate, reducing annual cost by 10%. ● Controlled tax payments, fees and other expenses, respecting deadlines to avoid fines and interest charged for late payment; and, when possible, anticipating payment when a discount was applied, reducing the costs by 5%. ● Managed the agency's customer queries, analysing around 200 questions a day. Show less

Bank Assistant
Oct ‘10 - Jun ‘13
Caixa Econômica Federal

● Worked directly with customers, opening bank accounts, and offering customer banks a full range of products and services, always making sure the client knew everything the bank had to offer, increasing loyalty and upselling by 14% ● Managed job allowances and other benefits granted by the Brazilian government, making assertive payments and ensuring each customer received their payments on time. ● Approached clients that came to the agency to make payments or for other services, asking if they had an account in this bank, which, on average, opened ten new current or saving accounts per week. ● Offered combined products to benefit clients from government programs, increasing private pension and life insurance sales. ● Increased efficiency in the analysis of documents for payment of social benefits with the implementation of checklists, minimising errors and ensuring agility. Show less

Administrative Assistant
May ‘03 - Apr ‘06
CCE Brasil

English - Work Proficiency
Portuguese - Native
Experienced Categories
High street
Experienced Work Environments
High street store
Experienced Product Categories
Online orders fulfilment
Client Advising
Delivery processing
Stockroom management
Stock control
Store Maintenance
Inventory control
Product labelling
Product setup
Education & Training
Damásio Educacional
‘13 - ‘14
Postgraduate Degree
Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
‘99 - ‘04
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA