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Christopher Heeney

Founder and Director

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London, UK

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A commercially-driven, "ego-less," and hands-on creative professional who is passionate about working with fashion brands at the cusp of change. As an inspiring change agent, works with leadership to understand the new brand and business strategy and combines business acumen with creativity and intuition. See how the store, product and all visual aspects of the business need to pivot and work together to propel it forward and reach the best results. Works collaboratively with teams to inspire new visual direction and re-works store's look and feel and provides creative direction to product and marketing teams to ensure a seamless and an upgraded visual experience that results in increased performance. Highlights "Christopher is the hands-on creative resource for small- to medium-sized fashion brands wanting to reposition and up-level their visual game." Kirsten Kuhlmann, Head of Retail for Hackett ● 15+ years of consistently supporting fashion brands to reposition and pivot by re-imagining and re-working the look and feel of stores (interior and visual merchandising). ● Cultivates strong relationships with stores and operational teams to gain buy-in and increase store performance. ● Partners with product teams to infuse creativity into better designs and collaboratively help create more commercial products. ● Provides strong and creative art direction to many aspects of the businesses including photoshoots, PR events, product launches and advertising campaigns. ● Successfully manages visual operational budgets of up to 1Million Euros ● Leads teams of up to 6 people across different aspects of the business and locations.

  • Brands Christopher has worked with
    • Chvm Consulting
    • North Sails
    • True Religion
    • Timberland
    • PUMA
    • Hackett
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Club 21
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- Founder Creative Director

Chvm Consulting

Jan 2001 - Present

Provides visual and creative direction to fashion brands that are looking to reposition and pivot
●Re-worked store look and feel to reposition the brand. Developed a new visual merchandising strategy...

Visual Merchandising Director

North Sails

Jan 2016 - Jan 2019

A small Italian sailing brand sold in Europe Visual Merchandising Director Provided overall visual and creative direction to stores, digital and press events as the brand was pivoting from pure sailin...

Visual Merchandising Manager – EMEA

True Religion

Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

An LA-based denim brand with global distribution. Visual Merchandising Manager – EMEA Working for the LA-based Visual Director, acted as the European representative advising the US team on product and...

Global Visual Merchandising Manager


Jan 2007 - Jan 2009

A US Footwear and Apparel Brand with global distribution Global Visual Merchandising Manager Responsible for visual merchandising for 600 stores worldwide through a team of 6 visual merchandisers

International Visual Merchandising Manager


Jan 2002 - Jan 2007

International Sports Brand with global distribution International Visual Merchandising Manager Responsible for driving visual merchandising standards across all stores worldwide and providing art and ...

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Mannequin Styling


  • Styling


  • Visual Styling


  • Fashion Shows


  • Clientele Development


  • Personal Shopping


  • Photo Art Direction




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