Jake Wilkes


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Jake Wilkes

Helping business owners succeed through Paid Advertising and individual marketing strategies to suit their individual needs.


Jake is available for hourly consulting only

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Now running Individual Marketing Solutions helping businesses find an Individual Solution to their marketing issues. IMS helps businesses in the right way, no packages, no frills and everything is Individual to your business! Paid Advertising, Branding, Websites and Organic help all tailored to you.

  • Brands Jake has worked with
    • Individual Marketing Solutions Ltd
    • Marketing Agency
    • Yell
    • Personal Group
  • Jake's past titles
    • Managing Director
    • Business Development Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Export Sales Executive
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To be discussed

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Open to Full time or Part time work

Employment Preference
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Freelance Assignments

Managing Director/Owner

Individual Marketing Solutions Ltd

Apr 2021 - Present

Individual Marketing Solutions is a boutique agency set up to cater to individual marketing needs within business. All solutions are tailored specifically to requirements and IMS helps companies achie...

Business Development Manager

Marketing Agency

Aug 2020 - Apr 2021

During the time hit most by the effects of COVID-19 I worked for several months at an agency who specialised in Social Media Management.

Business Development Manager


Jun 2019 - Aug 2020

Educating companies on their marketing and how it can be improved. Teaching businesses how they are viewed by others and what can make them stand out from the crowd. At Yell I received outstanding tra...

Sales Executive (EEE)

Personal Group

Jul 2017 - Jun 2019

Currently work for Personal Group benefits. We work closely with businesses to provide benefits for their employees, these include: Apps, Discounts, Health cash plans and life insurance. Currently an ...

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  • Ad Development


  • WordPress


  • WordPress Design


  • WooCommerce


  • Shopify


  • Strategy


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