Salma Amin



Salma Amin

I pride myself on my strong customer service skills, always going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction

Work Location

London, UK

I am very dependable with interpersonal skills, and an excellent communicator and timekeeper. I excel in fast-paced settings whilst offering high quality service. I consistently work with professional manner increasing repeat business and high guest satisfaction.

    • Sunny

    Work placement


    Mar 2023 - Mar 2023

    During my time there I filled out documents, filling in forms and letters, I checked customers' satisfaction with service and products and acted on feedback in with business employees and manager. Man...

    Retail Experience
    • Greeting
    • Client Help
    • Complaint handling
    • Styling
    • Returns & Exchanges
    • Packaging
    • Online orders fulfilment
    • Product labelling
    • Product setup
    • Stockroom management
    • Store Maintenance
    Retail Category
    • High-end luxury
    • Premium
    • High street
    • Other
    Work Environment
    • Department store
    • Shopping centre
    • High street store
    • Pop-Up
    Product Category
    • Womenswear
    • Accessories
    • Watches & Jewelry
    • Beauty & Fragrances


    Eltham Hill School


    2017 to 2022

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