Marianna Burdet



Marianna Burdet

Product Development Specialist for Footwear and Accessories

Current Location

Paris, France

Marianna is available for work

Footwear and Accessories Developer with nearly 7 years of experience. I work closely with Creative Direction, Design Team and Product Development Team to ensure that the process (from design through to production of samples) meets all deadlines and achieves all quality control, commercial and aesthetic objectives and remains within budget constraints.
I'm responsible for seamless, clear and effective communications to make sure that all the involved teams have everything needed (resources, information and direction) to ensure they can complete
their roles effectively. In-depth and proven knowledge of Footwear and Leathergoods development in different
market segments.

  • Brands Marianna has worked with
    • Ports1961
    • Maison Pierre Hardy
    • Trussardi Spa
    • Basicnet Spa
Work Preference
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To be discussed

Work Pattern

Open to Full-time work

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Footwear and Accessories Senior Product Developer


Sep 2022 - Present

In charge of Footwear, Accessories (LG and SLG) and Soft/Hard Ac cessories development for Ports1961. Working with the PD Director and the Creative team.Daily contact with tanneries, fabric and trims ...

Chargée Developpement Studio

Maison Pierre Hardy

Nov 2019 - Sep 2022

(Footwear and Accessories Senior Product Developer) November 2019 - September 2022 Maison Pierre Hardy, Paris HQ Side by side work with the Collection Director and Creative director to develop all the...

Product Manager Shoes and Accessories

Trussardi Spa

Jul 2018 - Nov 2019

In charge of all the Trussardi shoes segments,managing the design and SMS flow, I'm the link between the pure design input and the ef fective production of samples . I take care of target costs and pr...

Footwear Developer

Basicnet Spa

Oct 2015 - Jul 2018

Design management of 4 collections per year. Main duties: trend resear ch, hand sketching and CAD presentation(Ph and Ai), concept presenta tion, material's research and development, responsible for r...

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