Iuliana Mihai



Iuliana Mihai

Motivated creative focused

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London, UK

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  • Brands Iuliana has worked with
    • White Rose
    • Iuliana Designs
    • Iuliana mihai srls
    • Iuliana Mihai srls
    • iuliana mihai srls
  • Iuliana's past titles
    • Business Development Manager
    • Fashion Design Specialist
    • Fashion Design Specialist
    • Fashion Design Specialist
    • Designer
    • Fashion Design Specialist
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To be discussed

Employment Preference
  • Permanent Positions

Fashion designer

Iuliana Designs

Aug 2012 - Jun 2014


Jan 2010 - Jun 2014

Amministratore delegato, Art director

Business development manager marketing

White Rose

Aug 2021 - Now

Fashion designer specialist

Iuliana mihai srls

Jun 2010 - Now

I work for my own company making research, creation, production of new collection, take care of marketing & distribution of the brand Iuliana Mihai

fashion desiger

Iuliana Mihai srls

Jan 2010 - Now

The brand Mihai, born in Italy in 2010 is produced and distribuited by Iuliana mihai s.r.l.s.-registered trademark: Iuliana Mihai , based in Via basento 60 00198 Roma; P.I. 10429011009 –
Sito web: w...

  • Fashion Design


  • Creative Design


  • Industrial Design


  • World Design


  • Costume Design


  • Creative Concept Design


  • Creative Conception


  • Fashion Management


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